Emerald embroidered earrings

I used the Swarovski green crystal in a flower shape to accent the richness of the embroidery. They are clips on earrings. Dimension diameter 3 cm. There is pendant for a set.

4 hours work.

Materials used: silver plated basel with Swarovski crystal encaged, Miyuki seed beads green, butter, brown

Green Baroque earrings

I like the snowflake quartz. I encased flat beads by Miyuki seed beads in a baroque design. Dimension diameter 3cm.

3 hours work.

Materials used: silver plated earrings findings, Miyuki seed beads.

Order in any colors you want.

Winter fan earrings

I design this fan shape inspired by Corean fan style. I woven the oval shape with wire and beads. Dimension: 6 x 3.5 cm.

5 hours work.

Material used: silver plated sterling and findings, Miyuki seed beads.

Radiant Shell Necklace

I bought some shells one day delighted to find small pearls incrusted in the shell. There are beautiful. I created the design while I was encaged it with Miyuki seed beads. The Yellowish colored Shell pendant – 8 cm diameter embedded with pearls is decorated with Miyuki golden color and brown seed beads. Chevron style in the back side. radiant fringes around the pendant. Spiral stitched laces on a golden plated memory wire. The lock is secured with a golden plated hook. Dimension 48-50 cm, around the neck. The caps are golden plated.

14 hours of working.

Materials used: shell, yellow painted, Miyuki seed beads (golden color, brown), golden plated findings, golden plated memory wire.

Peach copper necklace

I like the spiral simplicity and beauty. The copper shines together with the Peach coral beads. Dimeansion pendant 5.5x 5.5 cm; length 50  52cm.

5 hours work.

Material used: copper wire, cooper earrings finding, oval coral beads.

Bunch of flowers necklace

I designed a small bunch of flowers starting with some wire and a hand of fluorine chips. Each stone forms a delicate  flower thread.There are many linked together and sewed in a bunch. The bunch it self is a wire basket perfectly fitted to keep the flowers in. The necklace laces are crocheted with sones and wire. Dimension 3.5 x 2.5cm the bunch and 48-50cm necklace length.

7 hours work.

Materials used: silver sterling wire and toggle, fluorite chips (amethyst color, green and amber – translucent).

Princess diadem

All the little girls dream in their childhood to be a princess. There are moments in the life when it could happen. Wedding time or winter parties or fairy carnival are some opportunity for any women to fulfill her dreams. I created a shinning diadem to be fit into the coiffure. I used translucent and golden beads wrapped on silver plated wire.

4 hours work.

Material used: translucent Swarowski and Bohemian crystals, natural and galss pearls, golden or silver colored Bohemian pearls, seed beads and Miyuki drops wrapped on silver/golden plated wire.

Red chainmail bracelet

Although the chain mail technique is most associated with armor and man i used the weaving to encage beads to create jewelry. The bracelet itself is attached by the encaged bead in order to form an angle to hang over the hand, but it is possible to be attached symmetrical by the bead as a watch. There are earrings for a set.

Diameter 3.5cm, bracelet length 18-20cm .

6 hours work.

Materials used: silver plated jumper ring or non tarnish, ancient look metals, red Murano beads.

Peach copper earrings

I like the spiral simplicity and beauty. The copper shines together with the Peach coral beads. Dimeansion 1 x 5cm.

1 hour work.

Material used: copper wire, cooper earrings finding, oval coral beads.

Baroque elegance necklace

This necklace is inspired by the Victorian age style. I encaged the pink river stone cabochon with AB pink crystal seed beads from Miyuki. Jablonec amethyst color crystals embellish the cabochon. The chevron technique which creates the body of the necklace is beaded with lila shell reflection seed beads embroidered as a net lace on a synthetic leather support. A grey felt cover for the back. The necklace covers around the neck and be worn directly on the skin or over a shirt.

22 hours work.

Materials used: pink river stone cabochon, Jablonec crystals – frost amethyst color, AB pink crystals and lila shell color Muiyuki seed beads, synthetic leather, grey felt, silver plated toggle.