I decided on pink

I told you yesterday I like to celebrate the Christmas night with a special “touch” in “decorating” myself. This year I embraced  the pink idea for a jewelry element. Pink is such a used color in every day fashion, from the very insignificant mobile accessories to the most extravagant hats. I decided to launch myself in a challenging quest for a spectacular design. I found it interesting to combine two different materials such as fabric and wire, even more to put together a warm one – ribbon and a cold one – silver wire. Shinning and distinctive! …but not rich. What else to add? Looking into my beads boxes I found a special bag: some Swarovski pearls. Small light pink, a smooth nuance which makes you thinking of ice cream, of a peach orchard full of youth, of  fruit. I wanted to design a small object, something delicate but intricate, something to attract everybody’s eyes. I preferred a ring. The result was strong. It is a delicate piece of jewelry, woven with silver wire and small beads of pearls as fresh dewdrops. The shiny touch is given by the warm and chatoyant ribbon. The silk ribbon fills the weaving and brings the volume, the shape and the depth of the ring. I am looking for  Santa’s opinion about it :-)!


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