Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post from my jewelry Shop Blog so I need to introduce myself an my work.I worked for 17 years in cinema and advertising, few years ago I resume my youth love: art design. I quit that busy life to a personal artistic one. I started learning different technique I liked and  found suitable with my feeling and skills. on my painter background I added first the embroidery which I called ” the painting with beads art”. This technique is avery intricate and difficult one so I need some time to exercise many ways of working, different materials and designs.

The best of all is the freedom of the imagination; I can use my creativity and develop any design I have in mind.

Learning on I started to bead pattern used from very long time in many traditional cultures. I learned about HOW and  WHERE understanding the specific condition of the evolution of these techniques.

From beads and seed beads, from loom tapestries and moved on the chain mail weaving. This rigorous techniques makes you more attentive and careful to the repetitive patterns, makes you understand how to change a war armor into a beautiful jewelry.

Wire working was the latest technique I loved and  learnt. It is a very impressive way to manipulate the wire creating intricate pieces of jewelry. It is amazing how many ways  are to work the wire: to coil, to shaw to wrap, to link, to weave it. From a spoon of wire you can get beautiful designs. Everything could be embellished with crystals, pearls, beads.

I intend to tell you the story of the jewelry I created. Everything form my shop has a birth moment when the idea came, and the design started to be alive. There are different sources of inspiration: words, feelings, landscapes or the materials themselves: the impression of a shell, or the color of a bead.

These were few words about me and my work. Till next time have a Merry Christmas and take care!


See you soon back here


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