Between Christmas and New Year Eve

This week seems to be by one hand – a holiday and by the other hand –  hard working week.

After we were waiting for Santa all the night we were lazy next day enjoying the presents and telling bout nigth miracles.

Admiring the Christmas tree, looking at the biking lights, we felt a deep warm and joy, a moment of “return” to childhood. That memory popped up the Christmas preparation when I was young.

I remembered the wreath embellished with paper flowers. That time I used Origami art to decorate the house, now I used silk an beads to create red flowers for Christmas time.So this week is busy with decoration work. For the entrance door i created a wreath and for the living a ball t hand from the ceiling,

Enjoy this hard working week of preparation.



One thought on “Between Christmas and New Year Eve

  1. I love the wreath. When I went to The Philippines one Christmas (the only Christian country in Asia) I noticed they have many different symbols, including a Christmas pineapple. The lamp posts on the avenues of Manila feature a large flower, which is the ancient Christian symbol of The Christmas Rose. And that’s what your wreath reminds me of. It is also found in the Christmas hymn, “Lo, how a Rose E’er Blooming”.

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