Braided wire bracelet

IS0463This lesson shows how to develop a braided wire band in order to make bracelet or headband. This tutorial helps you creating your creative future designs.

This tutorial teaches a technique, not a design.


Tapestry inspiration

First tool I acquired when I started my jewelry carrier was a Mirrix loom.

A small vertical loom, the traditional design for weaving tapestries.

I wove first with threads and I learnt some basic techniques which I found very useful to develop in my further work with wire.






The second step in my loom discovery was weaving with beads.

I tried on my own designs plying with colors and shapes as in a mosaic work.


The third step I made was to weave with beads on the loom but

according a necklace pattern. this is most difficult because all the threads have to be woven into the work according to the pattern or be used for fringes in the lower part of the jewelry.

I chose an orange brown palette of colors and some items playing with the sun and the brightness of the nature. I used woolen threads for the thee tapestry, the movement of the children against a geometric background, the greek style inspiration of the necklace speaks about geometrical elegance. I hope you like them!

Ammonites or jewelry from the sea

I love spirals, ammonites, sea life and its colors.

I propose you to discover those beauties in my jewelry work.

I encased some ammonites in beaded work as pendant:

The embroidery is the art of painting with beads. I created a necklace for launching my website and I was very happy with the result.I used the spiral theme over and over in the design- using many colors from dark to light – as a playful dance of life.

The spiral design is beautiful used in wire woven style as an embellishment of stone or beads.

Here you are one of my necklaces created in wire techniques  – coiled, shaped, wrapped and woven.

I am very found of Kumihito technique and I worked with threads traditional patterns. I tried it using wire instead of threads and I design a braided “tube” shaped forward into a double spiral bracelet.

Colors and crystals

Hello, Today I want to share my most welcome bracelet for the last 2 weeks.

I used more the 100 pieces of Czech crystals – 8mm facetted and I crowded them around a chain. I got a very live full colorful and shine  bracelet.

This bracelet is nice to assort it with a classic skirt and coat but  it fit s great to a jeans and sweater.

Leave you to try it out!

Kumihito braided necklace

The Kumihito art is very versatile and inspiring. I braided 32 red and grey silk ribbon threads in a diamond pattern. 38-40cm. Order in your favorite colors.

4 hours work.

Materials used: ribbon silk.

Nest idea from nature inspiration

Etsy bead weavers team launched January theme last month: the nest! I was thinking all the winter holiday at this creative input looking for a nice design. I don’t know about you but for me the things are clear: when I need to work on wire all my idea comes from beading and vice versa.

This time is the same: the nests theme is very often found in many design of wire jewelry. Obviously the same way can be transferred in the beading technique but I don’t find it so nice. I tried to look deep to understand the meaning and the symbol. As much as I tried to get the base harder and farther I was.

Simply the nest is a nest! A bunch of springs built by first, or a sand couch made by reptiles or birds.

I have some idea and I made some drawings. I let you know more as I have something to show you. Any suggestion is very welcome!

Byzantine chain mail tutorial

I propose you to learn together the first steps in the byzantine chain mail weave.

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Greek lines woven necklace

Inspired by the Greek geometrical shapes I designed this necklace. It is  woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads.  The lower edge is finished with fringes. You can wear it directly on the skin or over the shirt. Order in your favorite colors.

20 hour works.

Material used: seed beads.

Tutorials or how to make jewelry

I learnt most of my techniques used in my work due to the dozen of great artists and craft man who teach both posting and selling their knowledges. I want to thank them again via my blog and to add myself posting on my blog some of my own tutorials.

In my work I used some techniques being attracted both by “warm” jewelry as embroidered, beaded and woven ones and “cold” jewelry as wrapped, coiled and woven wire ones.

I decided to start tacking about chain mail technique – the art /  craft of weaving the jumper rings.

As we all know form tales and history the armor was done by skilled craftsman weaving the jumper rings in simple or complex weaves. There are patters using the same size of the jumper rings but there are many intricate designs using 2 or more sizes of the jumper rings.

The jumper ring has 2 traits: the gauge – how thin or thick the wire is and the diameter of the jumper ring.

There are many weaves that look more beautiful using the small diameter jumper rings  – the byzantine weave – and there are weaves nicer using larger diameter jumper rings. Here you are a byzantine bracelet examples and a simple weave armor bracelet.


Red dew drops brooch

I designed this brooch for a spring event. I wanted to bring the new life feeling. I shaped petals in a spiral movement. I used tear drops  woven with artistic wire. The fragile petals tremble in the joy of breeze. Dimension 6 cm

7 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki tear drops, silver sterling wire.