Tutorials or how to make jewelry

I learnt most of my techniques used in my work due to the dozen of great artists and craft man who teach both posting and selling their knowledges. I want to thank them again via my blog and to add myself posting on my blog some of my own tutorials.

In my work I used some techniques being attracted both by “warm” jewelry as embroidered, beaded and woven ones and “cold” jewelry as wrapped, coiled and woven wire ones.

I decided to start tacking about chain mail technique – the art /  craft of weaving the jumper rings.

As we all know form tales and history the armor was done by skilled craftsman weaving the jumper rings in simple or complex weaves. There are patters using the same size of the jumper rings but there are many intricate designs using 2 or more sizes of the jumper rings.

The jumper ring has 2 traits: the gauge – how thin or thick the wire is and the diameter of the jumper ring.

There are many weaves that look more beautiful using the small diameter jumper rings  – the byzantine weave – and there are weaves nicer using larger diameter jumper rings. Here you are a byzantine bracelet examples and a simple weave armor bracelet.



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