Ammonites or jewelry from the sea

I love spirals, ammonites, sea life and its colors.

I propose you to discover those beauties in my jewelry work.

I encased some ammonites in beaded work as pendant:

The embroidery is the art of painting with beads. I created a necklace for launching my website and I was very happy with the result.I used the spiral theme over and over in the design- using many colors from dark to light – as a playful dance of life.

The spiral design is beautiful used in wire woven style as an embellishment of stone or beads.

Here you are one of my necklaces created in wire techniques  – coiled, shaped, wrapped and woven.

I am very found of Kumihito technique and I worked with threads traditional patterns. I tried it using wire instead of threads and I design a braided “tube” shaped forward into a double spiral bracelet.


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