Chainmail fan style Earrings

ICS0022_1 ICS0022

This lesson shows how to develop chain mail earrings pair in a fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

This tutorial allows you to use it in your finished jewelry for personal and selling use, but not to mass produce, lend or sell the tutorial itself.

From jumper rings to jewelry

I bought o bag full of jumper rings. small round metal pieces. I put them on my working mat. It looked  like a plumber’s kit. I added my flat pliers. At that point, nothing was talking about jewelry. I organized the jumper rings on the mat designing a pattern. First thought: “Let’s weave them” Second one ” A repetitive design”. The third :”How?” I created a fan shape of multiple rows woven in a basic style. Increasing the number of the jumper rings at each row I shaped the fan. Here you are what I got. A gothic option for an accessory. But for more feminine accent? I chose embellishment. I wove some pearl drop along the edges and I was pleased to accomplished a totally new bracelet. Enjoy!

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Chainmail fan style bracelet

ICS0025This lesson shows how to develop chain mail bracelet in a zigzag fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

this lesson is a technique lesson so you can use it in your projects, but you are not allowed to mass produce the lesson.

Blue wheels of beauty


I designed this set jewelry inspired by the bell tower clock mechanism. There are many wheels linked together to conduct the movement. I used Czech crystals and Miyuki seed beads, crystal and sapphire colors, beaded. The lace is herringbones beaded. There are necklace,  bracelet and earrings for the set.

20 hours work

Materials used: Czech crystals and Miyuki seed beads, silver plated clasp.


Wheels of beauty

Do you remember the old churches you visited in your childhood in the small villages, at the country side?

I liked the wheels of the old medieval bell towers.

I like how they are interlocked , small and big ones, turning to move the  hands of the clock or the statues.


I designed such a nice link of circles – wheels imagining how my jewelry are moving and breathing.


Basic chevron weaving

ICS0013This lesson shows how to weave in the chevron technique. I will teach you how to use this technique to encase a cabochon.


Arabesques woven bracelet

I designed these arabesques in a free way. I used bras wire shaped in an ascendent spiral woven with bra wire with Lucite flowers . The spiral is shaped as a small basket and the cuff is woven in 3 rows finished with 3 separated spirals. Adjustable.

8 hours working

Materials used: bras wire, Lucite flowers

SOLD – order yours!

The white winter weight

The snow is falling light and beautiful but the snow hills created look like heavy pointed bastions. I like to see the contrast between colours and elements. The heavy blanket of snow looks like a dense embroidery but the light snowflakes give us the feeling of fairy tale Jewelry. I remember the stories heart in my childhood about the winter queen and little white princesses and I ” see” their diadem woven with golden and silver water drops frozen in such unreal design. I imagine how the snowflakes dance and twist together weaving themselves in beautiful jewelries.

Blue victorian purity necklace

I am found of the Victorian age and I find an excellent challenge to design this “lace” necklace. I beaded a lace base and I embellished it with silk ribbon. The pendant is beaded encasing a shell coin, embellished with blue crystals, The pendant has two sides and can be worn both sides. One is more embellished with crystals, the other has an star beaded ornament. The necklace is a choker style, to be worn aground the neck. The ribbon lace make it adjustable.

8 working hours.

Materials used: shell coin, blue- silver plated crystals, Miyuki seed beads, silk ribbon.

One step at a time

First Jewelry work I sowme much I believed I never be able to realise any.

I start learning about stitches, techniques, tools and materials.


There were an entire new world opened to me.


So vast and beautiful that sometimes made me feel small and ” pupil”.

I understood that feeling overcome by the complexity of the masterpieces make you no good at all.

For a time I was deep in my ” learning study” escaping any other influences to delay me in my “school journey”.

By school I meant my books, my computer with YouTube movies and tutorials and my work.

I practiced simple stitches, I understood how to link together simple steps to achieve a more complex work.

Most I had the happiness of realising my designs.


It is easy to draw a sketch but difficult to create it in the technique you desire.

Every comprehension comes on time after hours of practice as in any other ” journey for perfection”.




It is a mutual teaching – learning process when the work let you know if you are right or you are wrong, how to solve any creative problem. In the working process can understand and learn most of the meaning of the art.