How to make finding divider by yourself

Several times working with beads i needed some suitable spacers for my designs. Obviously the specific ones were just finished or my findings box had both too large and too small issues.

I decided to take my “spacer” problem in my hands and I made them myself. I string 6 small metal beads on a 28g a wire and using the right angle weave I made a 6 beads circle. adding 3 beads on the left side and 2 beads on the right side I made a second circle in the same technique.

My first bracelet had 3 rows and i stopped after the third circle but the second bracelet had 5 rows so i went on weaving my spacer till i got 5 inked circles.

The metal bead used are 2mm in diameter but it is up to the design how big the beads are.

I like to keep my independence concerning the findings, not to run after any little thing when an order is posted, so I find this “making yourself” way very useful.


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