My muse or when bird inspires art

There are several times when I stare at a bunch of beads having nothing in mind. I close my eyes and I let the images to come to me. They come flying. Most of my designs remember the birds. Their wings, their flight, their colours. This pair of earrings is created after their “song”. The shape is both a peacock tail and a lyre  – a musical instrument which reaches the harmony of the bird song. The design is symmetric and has a thick wire shape, a weaving frame. I embellished the weaving with metallic beads. The long red buggle beads are the feathers. I wove a ” fan” structure I side the tail to keep the unity of the work. This weaving is like the strings of the lyre, as the ” heads” of the elements forming the peacock tail. It was a long work but I enjoyed the result. It seemed to hear the sounds vibrating during the weaving. My imagination flow towards me with the birds singing. peacock red tail earrings


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