One step at a time

First Jewelry work I sowme much I believed I never be able to realise any.

I start learning about stitches, techniques, tools and materials.


There were an entire new world opened to me.


So vast and beautiful that sometimes made me feel small and ” pupil”.

I understood that feeling overcome by the complexity of the masterpieces make you no good at all.

For a time I was deep in my ” learning study” escaping any other influences to delay me in my “school journey”.

By school I meant my books, my computer with YouTube movies and tutorials and my work.

I practiced simple stitches, I understood how to link together simple steps to achieve a more complex work.

Most I had the happiness of realising my designs.


It is easy to draw a sketch but difficult to create it in the technique you desire.

Every comprehension comes on time after hours of practice as in any other ” journey for perfection”.




It is a mutual teaching – learning process when the work let you know if you are right or you are wrong, how to solve any creative problem. In the working process can understand and learn most of the meaning of the art.


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