Medusa necklace

Oscar Awards are gone but they inspired my designs. This one was created after the Penelope Cruise’s grey elegant dress.I designed an asymmetrical necklace with cabochons. I positioned the cabochons in my drawing  interlocking with beaded “pipes” full of pearls. The necklace catches the neck and values the cleavage underlining the simple elegance of the dress and catching the eyes.
The glamour of the necklace is given by the design and especially by the shinning and elegant mother pearls
I created a “Medusa” necklace beaded with Miyuki seed beads and mother pearl flat beads and pearls.
The Medusa body  is tentacled and the flat mother pearls are cabochon encased using the chevron style.
The “lace” is beaded with round mother pearls, in a chevron variation technique. The upper side of the laces are beaded also in a chevron style and grey organza is woven in.
21 hours work

Materials used: mother pearls round, flat cabochons, Miyuki seeds, organza


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