Pyrite and copper

Today i am going to share with you my “earring” concept. i like to use only one earring as a pendant hanging by ear, not by the neck.

it is more versatile to use a small pendant as an earring or vice versa.

Here you are my last copper wrapping evolving around a pyrite stone

I use different kind of weaving.

3 strings: 3 loops, over 2 strings, 3 loops over the other 2 strings. The middle string is conjoint.

2 loops over each string

The back side of the piece. The strings are split and the weaving covers the stone
Final piece after wrappings and swirllings

Greek design motifs necklace

A very old and beautiful weaving technique is weaving on the loom. There are different materials to use to create jewellery. Cotton, silk or wool create amazing fabric but using beads gives more interest and elegance. The necklace I design is inspired by greek style, straight lines in autumn colours.

Warp and weft are the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric. The lengthwise or longitudinal warp yarns are held stationary in tension on a frame or loom while the transverse weft (sometimes woof) is drawn through and inserted over-and-under the warp.

bead loom tapestry, weaving

Autumn colours beads woven on the loom in a greek style. Fringes as finishing.

The copper story

This year I choose copper. Wires , hard threads able to manipulate in shapes and volumes.

It started with some ply. 6 for example. I started way. Weaving one by one the ply. After some cm I started to shape the weaving as I wished. Once I got the desired shaper i separated the strings: 3 and 3. I used a 2 by 2 weaving to wrap the first bunch. then I swirled it following the flow of the design. The second bunch was divided in 2 strings wrapped together and a single one woven alone as an resort. The free form shaping allow the design to evolve itself into a unique jewellery and to embrace the stone it hugs.
howlite gem, copper wire, wrappings, pendant