Elven gift for Winter Queen


I started the bracelet playing with the fan motif.


I made severals pieces and I assembled together.

Suddenly i realized what a beautiful piece of elf could be!

My drawing became a sketch and finally i wove the entire “metal lace” adding a ring support.

The bracelet is in the indian style as a sleeve over the hand linked with the middle finger due to a simple flower ring, included in the pattern.


The wrist dimension are 18-22cm. Add your wrist and ring sizes in the order.

This piece is non tarnish, ancient style metal jumper rings. Ask for other materials if you wish.

14 hours work.

Materials used: non tarnish, ancient aspect metal jumper rings.


Where to buy:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/111896878/elvish-gift-for-winter-queen


Peacocksaur embroidered bracelet

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When I started this design I wanted to create a peacock tail one but working on it was more alike with a little dinosaur so I use both imagines to name the bracelet. This is an original design in a waved shape. Blue, green, purple, golden are the colors used for the embroidery.  The clasp is woven in peyote stitch, the button is wood.. Unique.

8 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads and Jablonec sapphire crystals, felt for the backside.

Where to  buy: http://www.otila.ro/gallery/peacocksaur-bracelet

Brown nest bracelet

The chain mail is a very straight technique so adding decoration gives it warmth and femininity.

5 hours work.

Materials used:  brown glass pearls on silver  sterling jumper rings shaped as nests. There are earrings for a set.


Where to buy:


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Wire woven spiral and leather bracelet

I design a wire woven row of spirals and I attached it on a brown leather. I made a cuff. The edges are sewed with golden plated beads and there is a small lock.
Dimension 6 x 18 cm

Material used: bras and golden plated wire, natural leather

Working time: 13 hours

Green Embroidered Mandala Bracelet

I created this design for EBWC challenge for June. The theme was Mystery. The shadows and the lights, the unknown and the mystery made me thinking of playing with only one element in my working: only with same color and kind of beads. The way i laid down or sewed together created the impression of dark and light, of truth and mystery. i designed this Bracelet starting from a main circle. I added around many layers of circles in order to increase the design. On each side i added part of circles adjacent to the main circle/
The bracelet can be worn with clasp or as a cuff. Specific in your order!
You can order the same design in different other colors!

Material used: green seed beads

Hours working: 12

Arabesques woven bracelet

I designed these arabesques in a free way. I used bras wire shaped in an ascendent spiral woven with bra wire with Lucite flowers . The spiral is shaped as a small basket and the cuff is woven in 3 rows finished with 3 separated spirals. Adjustable.

8 hours working

Materials used: bras wire, Lucite flowers

SOLD – order yours!

Flowers purple net bracelet

I created this bracelet in a romance style bead weaving Purple Miyuki seed beads with AB reflection. Netted in flower net technique. Embellished with Czech glass flower (light pink, green and blue). Magnetic toggle. 5.5 x 17 cm.This product is unique but you can order in your favorite colors!

5 hours work.

Materials used: Czech glass flower, Miyuki seed beads, Magnetic toggle. 5.5 x 17 cm.

Pink roses Mackintosh bracelet

I am in love with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his shapes so modern! I designed these roses in his style, woven on a Mirrix loom. I made the bracelet adjustable, using laces that tie up in a knot.

6 hours work.

Materials used: seed beads, thread.

Vitrail beaded bracelet

The painted glass from churches window is a beautiful inspiration for radial designs. I used this Rosette pattern to create a bracelet suitable for special events, for elegant outfits. The base of the bracelet is done in a chevron beaded technique and the rosette is attached on it. the clasp is beaded using a glass flower.

7 hours work.

Materials used: glass flower, Miyuki seed beads. Antique non tarnished filigree.

Brown leather bracelet with agates

Natural brown leather embroidered with Miyuki seed beads and yellow – golden agates. Cuff. Elegant and classic style.

6 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads, Agates, natural leather, felt.