Wedding collar

sketch1This autumn started with a challenge for me. I was asked to create a jewellery set for a bride using wire and the weaving technique.Colan1

Obviously, I was very happy to unleash my creativity.

I made a collar, a tiara and earring accordingly to the bride costume and wedding theme.sketch 2
First I spent 2-3 days drawing till I refined my sketches.

I came with this:

When I started weaving some changes appeared: I added some small beads to enrich to weaving and 2 wire colours to underline the cloth design and texture.

DSC_7652Step by step I developed my work from a bi dimension piece to a volume:

Tiara is a curved woven piece like a neck ruffle.



The collar is a simple, around the neck piece to underline the feminine traits and the bride beauty.choker3




I am very happy with the result, and i’d like to share my work to youcercei6.

The earrings are simple, woven alike to suit the set.




Red ruby earrings

Red heart earrings

These earrings are sheaped in goolden plated wire as a heart. Inside the shape i filled with woven golden plated wire and Ruby Czech crystals.
Dimension: 3 x 3 cmRed heart earrings_1There are a pendant for a set.



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Wheat sheaf earrings

Do you remember the romantic sight of a wheat sheaf in the sunset? I love this imagine and feeling of beauty and tranquility.

I designed these earrings enjoying the memory of such a perfect day

Golden or silver plated wire crocheted and shaped in a wheat sheaf. Dimension: 3cm


Materials used: Gold Plated High purity solid wire / silver sterling wire,  findings


Red peacock tail earrings

IS0380I designed a peacock tail shape to create an intricate pair of earring. I used wire to weave in the shape and I decorated the woven “tail”with silver sterling beads and red tubular Toho seeds centered around a big red Murano bead as a masterpiece . Dimension 6x3cm.

6 hours work.

Materials used: silver sterling wire, beads and findings, Toho seed beads, Murano beads


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Golden arabesque tears earrings

I was inspired by the Moresque style with spirals and arabesques. I shaped the earrings as a tear in golden plated artistic wire. Inside i woven and wrapped Bohemian to fill the frame. The crystals are pink-amethist color, faceted with golden reflection .Dimension 6×2.5cm.

4 hours work.

Materials used: golden plated wire, Bohemian crystals.


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I created this design inspired by the Korean fan shape. The oval frame of the fan mixed with the “classical” fan style is filled by the wrapped wire and beads. Dimension 2,5x5cm. Order the color you like.

4 hours work.

Materials used: Gold Plated High purity solid wire / silver sterling wire,  findings, orange Miyuki seed beads.

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Black patina crystals earrings

I designed these earrings to accessorize a client’s dress and hairdressing. A simple stringing became very attractive and interesting due to the components and the design.

2 hours work.

Materials used: antique silver color findings, black glass biconical beads.

Blue woven snails earrings

I created this design inspired by the conch shape hidden in the sea side sand. I used full silver wire wrapped and woven around blue glass drops (1.5cm). Dimension 3.5×2.5cm. There are necklace, bracelet and earrings for the set.

3 hours work.

Materials used: glass cabochon, silver steeling wire.

Green embroidered ammonite earrings

I designed these earrings for a baroque set. The motif of a spiral or ammonite was the requirement. The embroidery is done using seed beads, the outline decoration is baroque style. Dimension 5 x 3 cm.

3 hours work.

Material used: seed beads, felt, copper lever back

Bride flower earrings

I worked a wedding set with beaded flowers. I used white natural pearls, transparent Swarovski crystals beaded in a flower shape, fringes. There are necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring for a set.

2 hours work.

Materials used: Swarosvki crystals, natural pearls, silver plated toggle.