Fire Harphe Wrapped and Woven Copper Pendant

I designed this pendant using different techniques of working the wire: coiling, shaping, weaving, wrapping and decorating with metal elements.
I made it in a harp shape embellished with beads reminding of the music sounds at each movement of the body. The pendant is light and its dimensions are 11×14 cm. The chain is included. I used only copper material for this pendant.

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Crystal Heart

I beaded Swarovski crystals in a 3 dimensional heart shape. I braided the golden wires of the pendant and I decorated them with Swarovski crystals and golden Bohemia pearls  to create a nicer and elegant look of the jewellery. This pendant could be a love declaration present or simply a “welcome spring” smile. I hope you enjoy it.

Materials: Swarovski crystals and Bohemia pearls, artistic wire

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Gingo Tatted with beads pendant

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I was counting beads and knots all the previous day trying to create a tatting design. I took a break and i made this simple but “autumnish” and warm pendant. Using amber colour beads and silk golden thread i tatted the inside part of the leaf. I used green cotton thread for the edges and the lace.
Dimension: 3x6cm, Adjustable lace.

Greek embroidered pendant


I woven on the Mirrix loom a Greek lines design  and i added fringed in each row increasing from left to middle and decreasing from middle to right column to give dimension to the pendant. There are fringes in the lower part and the lace is braided with beads. Red, golden and black Miyuki  seed beads. Pendant dimension 5x6cm, lace length 50-52 cm.

8 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads


Blue Ammonite Pendant

I love ammonites and I design them in many of my jewelry. This one is inspired from Eni Oken’s style. I used nuances of crystals from translucent to dark blue. I wrapped them in an ammonite shape. The pendant diameter is 5x5cm. The lace is silver sterling. 50cm .

3 hours work.

Material used: silver sterling,  Jablonec  crystals

Ruby woven heart pendant

I worked this Ruby Heart for an wedding anniversary inspired by Eni Oken’s woven hearts. The edges of the heart are woven and inside the frame I woven golden plated wire with ruby crystals. The lace is red velvet(free) or chain golden plated (on demand – not included in price). Dimension 5 x 4cm.

4 hours work.

Materials used: golden plated wire, crystals

Winter fan pendant

I design this fan shape inspired by Corean fan style. I woven the oval shape with wire and beads. Dimension: 6 x 3.5 cm. Simple silver plated chain. On demand you can order chainmail necklace.

3 hours work.

Material used: silver sterling wire and findings, Miyuki seed beads.

Little golden crown pendant

I designed this small crown (3.5 cm diameter) using golden plated wire wrapped several time and decorated with pearls Miyuki drops. the lace is crocheted with Miyuki drops, too. Very feminine and elegant.

4 hours work.

Materials used; golden plated wire,  Miyuki pearl drops – colorful

Bright sun pendant

When i bought these acrylic cabushons i was attracted by their shinny sunset brilliance. I worked them inspired by Sarubbest. I encaged them using Miyuki seed beads and i attached them using brown leather cord. Order in any colors you want. There are earrings for a set.

3 hours work.

Materials used: Orange acrylic cabochon, Miyuki seed beads, leather, silver plated toggle.