Birth of Venus

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I made a lace beading design for the May Etsy Bearweaver’s challange. The theme was “nautical” so i thought of sea and weaves and…Venus, the goddess. I made a masterpiece from a shell laced in different beads – sea colors – the shell from where the goddess is going to appear. The weaves of the sea are in a degrade range of blues. The foam around the shell is white and then deep in the sea the colors go from turquoise to light green to dark green and dark blue.
The lace is done around white beads of coral.

Face necklace pattern

This pattern teaches how to create a woven necklace using beads, thread and a loom in order to get this design. It is required some experience in weaving on the loom as the weaving is not cover the entire row in all the rows.
This design is original so please give credit to the author when you sell or show it in public. The finishing requires experience in hiding the threads. The mount of the weft and the taking off the work from the loom are not covered in this pattern.

The old modern lace

I am found of lace. The granny style of working the threads amaze me but I am not able to get the technique. But as I like the feeling and the look I try to use in my beaded work.

I give the lace aspect beading around a base and adding many layers and embellishment.

The fragile aspect of petals is underlined by the small beads kept in curved shapes.

Adding bicons in a flowers design give an extra gentle and feminine aspect.

The petals embellishment uses faceted crystal in aurora boreal shine.

The laces are woven in an alternative stitch: Russian spiral and herringbone.

I mixed the lace colors to keep a balance between the pendant and the upper part of the Jewelry. The beaded toggle is a nice finishing for the piece creating an entire beaded work.

Enjoy and get it Laced beaded flower necklace