Fabric flowers necklace

IS0258This lesson shows how to work the silk fiber in order to create flowers. The technique is for one flower and then you can multiply how you like and how many times you want. I will teach you how to create a poppy flower necklace and ring.

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Blue winter beaded earrings

Hello and Marry Christmas for all of you!

I hope you spent a nice Christmas time and you found many presents under the Christmas tree.

This year our tree is tall and thin, so we called it the “little ballerina” as those who are dancing on a music box. Usually our Christmas tree were rich in lower branches and looked old and impressive. This one looks young and “fresh” and dynamic. It brings a new feeling, something new, although this is an old tradition this time it happened something different, like  a “young generation” is leading the holiday .

I am admiring it shinning from its little lights clock and it really seems a new beginning, an announcement for the New Year Eve.

Inspired by its brightness I beaded a delicate earrings pair, a winter jewelry for the New Year Eve celebration.

Have a good time!

Eco presents for Christmas


The Christmas day is approaching but the snows hasn’t fallen yet. Last-minute shopping are done in a hurry and then we go to look for the Christmas tree. In the car we hear on the radio a try nice idea: ECO presents.

Let me tell you about this because i found it very interesting, very clever and really ECO.

This guy makes an one minute broadcasting about ECO stuff and he really is a involved in the matter. Each times says the boring things in a funny way, giving solution to avoid wasting the energy, the resources and so on.

This time he suggested to buy those you care after something useful, nice and healthy as a subscription for a spa complex, or for a gym club, or for those who prefer music, a ticket for a concert.

The imagination can explore farther in this are and i believe the idea is very good.  Is spares the receiver to say a convenient “thank you” and the  offerer  to answer the same.

Have a Christmas full  of nice present you like!