Green Embroidered Mandala Hairpin


The shadows and the lights, the unknown and the mystery made me thinking of playing with only one element in my working: only with same color and kind of beads. The way i laid down or sewed together created the impression of dark and light, of truth and mystery. i designed these sashes (curved lines and rectangular) starting from a main circle. I added around many layers of circles in order to increase the design. On each side i added part of circles adjacent to the main circle.
The Hairpin is composed by the embroidery and the metal hairpin.
You can order the same design in different other colors!

Materials used: seed beads

Working time: 7 hours


Wheels of beauty

Do you remember the old churches you visited in your childhood in the small villages, at the country side?

I liked the wheels of the old medieval bell towers.

I like how they are interlocked , small and big ones, turning to move the  hands of the clock or the statues.


I designed such a nice link of circles – wheels imagining how my jewelry are moving and breathing.


How to make finding divider by yourself

Several times working with beads i needed some suitable spacers for my designs. Obviously the specific ones were just finished or my findings box had both too large and too small issues.

I decided to take my “spacer” problem in my hands and I made them myself. I string 6 small metal beads on a 28g a wire and using the right angle weave I made a 6 beads circle. adding 3 beads on the left side and 2 beads on the right side I made a second circle in the same technique.

My first bracelet had 3 rows and i stopped after the third circle but the second bracelet had 5 rows so i went on weaving my spacer till i got 5 inked circles.

The metal bead used are 2mm in diameter but it is up to the design how big the beads are.

I like to keep my independence concerning the findings, not to run after any little thing when an order is posted, so I find this “making yourself” way very useful.

Looking back for winter touches

I don’t know about you but I discovered myself a “winter melancholic”!

I don’t enjoy the cold or the mess of the melted snow but I do like the magic of the winter.

I like imagining  fairies and elfins dancing in the bright light of the snow and I am inspired by them to design new Jewelry.

I offer you my last embroidered necklace suitable for a princess at the winter ball. Enjoy!