Friuli muse

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created this project inspired by a Mosaic school in Friuli – Italy. O visited it last year and I was impressed of the diversity of using stone and glass to create dimension and imagery. I made an abstract design, using terracotta colour seed beads. The background I filled with small seed beads creating an illusion made with sand, weaves of sand swirling around.
Name of stitch, stitches used – bead embroidery and couching beads and metal thread

Name of products used, size and material – Toho seed beads (mosaic background – 15/0; Main design and finishing 11/0)

overall size of piece – width 28cm, high 48cm

time to complete more than 6 hours/day for 56 days


Wire woven spiral and leather bracelet

I design a wire woven row of spirals and I attached it on a brown leather. I made a cuff. The edges are sewed with golden plated beads and there is a small lock.
Dimension 6 x 18 cm

Material used: bras and golden plated wire, natural leather

Working time: 13 hours

Eco-Ideas – Trees jewelry

Our love for nature is seen everywhere. The artistic point of view acknowledges this deep love and connection between creativity and nature.

I propose you a nice miniature view of the trees worked with wire and crystals. I shaped the wore wrapping it around to create a trunk and I decorate it with crystals and colors.

I made them pendant and i used a nice Kumihito style lace to enforce the attraction of the pendant. looking for your impressions….take care

Chainmail fan style Earrings

ICS0022_1 ICS0022

This lesson shows how to develop chain mail earrings pair in a fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

This tutorial allows you to use it in your finished jewelry for personal and selling use, but not to mass produce, lend or sell the tutorial itself.

From jumper rings to jewelry

I bought o bag full of jumper rings. small round metal pieces. I put them on my working mat. It looked  like a plumber’s kit. I added my flat pliers. At that point, nothing was talking about jewelry. I organized the jumper rings on the mat designing a pattern. First thought: “Let’s weave them” Second one ” A repetitive design”. The third :”How?” I created a fan shape of multiple rows woven in a basic style. Increasing the number of the jumper rings at each row I shaped the fan. Here you are what I got. A gothic option for an accessory. But for more feminine accent? I chose embellishment. I wove some pearl drop along the edges and I was pleased to accomplished a totally new bracelet. Enjoy!

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Chainmail fan style bracelet

ICS0025This lesson shows how to develop chain mail bracelet in a zigzag fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

this lesson is a technique lesson so you can use it in your projects, but you are not allowed to mass produce the lesson.

Nests in the tree of life

I made this necklace for the first challenge from 2012 on Etsy Beadweavers’s.

The February theme is “Nest” so i created a ” Tree of life” by encased angelite beads and strips of seed beads woven in herringbone technique.

I assembled the strips as branches and inserted some small angelite beads as knots in the trunk. In between the branches I “plated” the nests. 9 angelite beads encased in seed beads.

The laces and the toggle are made in the same manner. The toggle has a decoration as a small nest “hanging” in the back.

The necklace cover the chest and is nice to be worn directly against the skin or over a uni color pullover or shirt.
Please visit our team blog, http://www.etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.combetween the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.