Venice Carnival Necklace

Middle Age Spring_3

I created a free form needle work with beads,

Middle Age Spring_4

In a stumpwork embroidery style I decorated the beadwork work with coiled wire making accents and interesting points.
I tatted with dark red wool the edges to approach the crewel style of the embroidery.

The laces are tatted to making the necklace adjustable. It remembers me of carnival of Venice
Dimension: 15x 12 cmThis necklace uses several nuances of pink, dark red and purple, golden and topaz, but you can order your favourite.
This necklace took 12-14 working days.

Middle Age Spring

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Needle bead work, stumpMiddle Age Spring_2work and coil wire blended in a Medieval necklace. For SELLING!

Fabric as accessorries

Hello, I am glad to find you back form holiday. Although it is winter time the sun is shinning and no snow has been falling. It looks like an autumn time. It made me think about accessories. A pin to keep tied a scarf, an ornamentation for a hackle.  In autumn  the most suitable material for brooches is fabric. Seems to be part of the outfit, an ornamentation integrated in the clothes. Last year I made  some fabric brooches in different color for clients who wanted them fitted for several coats.This rumpled flowers brooch was a very loved one in my last year collection: modern, versatile and light ideal forcausal style.