Pyrite and copper

Today i am going to share with you my “earring” concept. i like to use only one earring as a pendant hanging by ear, not by the neck.

it is more versatile to use a small pendant as an earring or vice versa.

Here you are my last copper wrapping evolving around a pyrite stone

I use different kind of weaving.

3 strings: 3 loops, over 2 strings, 3 loops over the other 2 strings. The middle string is conjoint.

2 loops over each string

The back side of the piece. The strings are split and the weaving covers the stone
Final piece after wrappings and swirllings

Purple silk filigree tatting earrings


I was fascinated when I first sow the tatting jewellery and


I order a beautiful book from the great teacher Nina Libin.


I studied and worked the technique so finally, after several blouses edges and brooches I accomplished a real filigree piece.


I equally love the simple thread tatting and the beaded tatting style, they taught me another way of weaving off the loom.



Thank you!



Wedding time with pearls and silver

I was asked few days ago to design some bride accessories for her wedding.

Few month ago she bought one of my bracelet creation and wanted more thinner ones to have a set.

I created earrings and a hair net woven with silver wire and pearls

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Rose hips grows in chain mail jewelry

I designed a simple causal bright set using chain mail and coral beads.

The bracelet is full of beads hanging from the outside of the weave.

I found very decorative to embellish it with beads.

I  like to use the simple weave of chain mail in a pyramidal shape.

This time I chose to use red  coral beads matches with red leather for the pendant.

The earrings are smaller but in the same design.

Enjoy looking or buying them.

Chain mail flowers and clay

I tried out something new: right angle weave using byzantine chain mail technique.

I filled the squares with beautiful ocean color clay beads.

The lace s chain mail in a flower technique.

You can see and buy both the necklace and the tutorial Chain mail flowers tutorial

Oscar awards

Bello Modo shop proposed a challenge based on the Oscar Awards‘s dresses. Each designer can list a jewelry suitable for one of the dresses from the party. My option was Penelope Cruise’s dress. Grey and elegant. I created a dark red necklace, mother pearls flat cabochons encased in a chevron technique.

please feel free and vote it at

You have to leave a comment where to specify the number of the jewelry you like. Mine is number !

Thank you!

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Awaiting Valentine’s day

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The red and white day is approaching. The day when most of people remember they love. I say we love everyday and remembering this makes us breathing, feeling, living. But Valentine’s day is a coutume so let’s keep it like this – a pretext to give and receive presents. I present you some of my jewelry work for this celebration mixing the specific colors with the valuable materials as Swarovski crystals, silver wire, Rivoli.

Byzantine chain mail tutorial

I propose you to learn together the first steps in the byzantine chain mail weave.

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Chain mail flowers earrings or how to feel the roses scent


Last evening I wanted to work some chain mail. Unfortunately my resources of silver plated jumper rings in a larger diameter – 7cm – was depleted. :D. I found some other kind of jumper rings, but thinner. As I was decided to work a chain mail jewelry, to design a new pattern I tried several issues. There is a petal chain mail technique  to get a nice flower as a small rose. As my jumper rings were thin I added several of them, increasing “the density” of the petals, so I got some nice plump buds, I linked with smaller but thicker jumper rings.

The earrings are simple linked design but I intend to create also a nice necklace for a set. I keep you posted 🙂


Brown roses or between classical and casual

Hello. The week-end is approaching and the jewelry box wins a temporary most important place in your duties. Let’ open it together and see what we find today!

On my side of the world the sun is shinning today, it is quite warm and there is a good idea to have a walk in the part. In the evening is possible to meet some friends in a pub talking about the last skiing attempts (the snow is few this year here).

I propose you a fabric brooch small and discrete, barely covering the lapel. I used brown cotton fabric and light pink silk ribbon. It is part of a set will be use both in casual or classic outfits. The set composes a necklace , earrings, ring and brooch. On my opinion they could be worn together for a classic deux piece but for jeans and sweater outfits I’d use only the necklace and either the ring or the earrings. The brooch can stay on the lapel of the coat.

The flower design I created is between formal and modern. The brown stylized roses are more “artistic” than “sweet”and they give strong and firmness to the person wearing them.

I hope you enjoy!