Blue victorian purity necklace

I am found of the Victorian age and I find an excellent challenge to design this “lace” necklace. I beaded a lace base and I embellished it with silk ribbon. The pendant is beaded encasing a shell coin, embellished with blue crystals, The pendant has two sides and can be worn both sides. One is more embellished with crystals, the other has an star beaded ornament. The necklace is a choker style, to be worn aground the neck. The ribbon lace make it adjustable.

8 working hours.

Materials used: shell coin, blue- silver plated crystals, Miyuki seed beads, silk ribbon.

One step at a time

First Jewelry work I sowme much I believed I never be able to realise any.

I start learning about stitches, techniques, tools and materials.


There were an entire new world opened to me.


So vast and beautiful that sometimes made me feel small and ” pupil”.

I understood that feeling overcome by the complexity of the masterpieces make you no good at all.

For a time I was deep in my ” learning study” escaping any other influences to delay me in my “school journey”.

By school I meant my books, my computer with YouTube movies and tutorials and my work.

I practiced simple stitches, I understood how to link together simple steps to achieve a more complex work.

Most I had the happiness of realising my designs.


It is easy to draw a sketch but difficult to create it in the technique you desire.

Every comprehension comes on time after hours of practice as in any other ” journey for perfection”.




It is a mutual teaching – learning process when the work let you know if you are right or you are wrong, how to solve any creative problem. In the working process can understand and learn most of the meaning of the art.

Brown roses or between classical and casual

Hello. The week-end is approaching and the jewelry box wins a temporary most important place in your duties. Let’ open it together and see what we find today!

On my side of the world the sun is shinning today, it is quite warm and there is a good idea to have a walk in the part. In the evening is possible to meet some friends in a pub talking about the last skiing attempts (the snow is few this year here).

I propose you a fabric brooch small and discrete, barely covering the lapel. I used brown cotton fabric and light pink silk ribbon. It is part of a set will be use both in casual or classic outfits. The set composes a necklace , earrings, ring and brooch. On my opinion they could be worn together for a classic deux piece but for jeans and sweater outfits I’d use only the necklace and either the ring or the earrings. The brooch can stay on the lapel of the coat.

The flower design I created is between formal and modern. The brown stylized roses are more “artistic” than “sweet”and they give strong and firmness to the person wearing them.

I hope you enjoy!

Green embroidered ammonite earrings

I designed these earrings for a baroque set. The motif of a spiral or ammonite was the requirement. The embroidery is done using seed beads, the outline decoration is baroque style. Dimension 5 x 3 cm.

3 hours work.

Material used: seed beads, felt, copper lever back

Fabric as accessorries

Hello, I am glad to find you back form holiday. Although it is winter time the sun is shinning and no snow has been falling. It looks like an autumn time. It made me think about accessories. A pin to keep tied a scarf, an ornamentation for a hackle.  In autumn  the most suitable material for brooches is fabric. Seems to be part of the outfit, an ornamentation integrated in the clothes. Last year I made  some fabric brooches in different color for clients who wanted them fitted for several coats.This rumpled flowers brooch was a very loved one in my last year collection: modern, versatile and light ideal forcausal style.


Brown leather bracelet with agates

Natural brown leather embroidered with Miyuki seed beads and yellow – golden agates. Cuff. Elegant and classic style.

6 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads, Agates, natural leather, felt.

Necklaces gallery

[cincopa AUHAJy6OvuCV]

Here you are my lsat years necklaces collection. There are many patterns and materials used, many colors and techniques. Each of them is unique – designed and worked by me.

Obviously each of them has a story, a creation input, a motivation and a goal. I love working on each design and building up every jewel. I put together my dearest ones intending to build up my last year necklaces collection.


Brooch ammonite in embroidery

Fossil ammonite encased in Miyuki seed beads embroidery. You can ask for your favorite colors. can be worn as pendant or brooch. Dimension  2.5 x 4 cm.

3 hours work.

Materials used: fossil, Miyuki seed beads.

Violets flowers necklace

The violet flowers sing the spring out and made me design this feminine and delicate necklace. I used violet silk and white glass pearls. Organza lace. There are included earrings and ring  (adjustable) for the set. Pick the dimension you like. There are earrings for a set.

6 hours work.

Materials used: Organza, Tulle, Glass pearls, Silk, felt.


Autumn embroidered bracelet

The autumn has just painted the park where i wondered last days. The leaves from the ground were bright pewter spreading light and warm. I designed this Bracelet and i worked it using the embroidery with beads technique. The Miyuki beads encage the acrylic cabochons. The support is synthetic brown leather. I used a button for the clasp.

8 hours work.

Materials used: synthetic leather, Miyuki seed beads, acrylic cabochon, metal button.