Beaded Rivoli thistle flower

ICS0031This lesson shows how to realize a beaded flower ring using seed beads and a Rivoli crystal, how to embellish it and how to create layers of petals.

Some beading experience in herringbone, RAV and peyote stitches are welcome.



Oscar awards

Bello Modo shop proposed a challenge based on the Oscar Awards‘s dresses. Each designer can list a jewelry suitable for one of the dresses from the party. My option was Penelope Cruise’s dress. Grey and elegant. I created a dark red necklace, mother pearls flat cabochons encased in a chevron technique.

please feel free and vote it at

You have to leave a comment where to specify the number of the jewelry you like. Mine is number !

Thank you!

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Blue winter beaded earrings

Hello and Marry Christmas for all of you!

I hope you spent a nice Christmas time and you found many presents under the Christmas tree.

This year our tree is tall and thin, so we called it the “little ballerina” as those who are dancing on a music box. Usually our Christmas tree were rich in lower branches and looked old and impressive. This one looks young and “fresh” and dynamic. It brings a new feeling, something new, although this is an old tradition this time it happened something different, like  a “young generation” is leading the holiday .

I am admiring it shinning from its little lights clock and it really seems a new beginning, an announcement for the New Year Eve.

Inspired by its brightness I beaded a delicate earrings pair, a winter jewelry for the New Year Eve celebration.

Have a good time!

Collection 2011

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What material suits Christmas party?

I like to dress in a special way waiting for Santa. All the 24th December is a long running day but in the afternoon the miracle is going to happen. We decorate the house and the Christmas tree and add the presents under it. It is so childish and beautiful how we add one more present when the other are not there. Before midnight under the tree is full of presents and the happiness light us. It’s time to “decorate” ourselves for the tree party. How are you going to dress yourself in the Christmas day?

Bright sun earrings

When I bought these acrylic cabochons I was attracted by their shinny sunset brilliance. I encased them in a beaded work inspired by Sarubbest work. Order in any colors you want. There is a pendant for a set.

4 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads, golden plated earrings findings, acrylic cabochons.