Fire Harphe Wrapped and Woven Copper Pendant

I designed this pendant using different techniques of working the wire: coiling, shaping, weaving, wrapping and decorating with metal elements.
I made it in a harp shape embellished with beads reminding of the music sounds at each movement of the body. The pendant is light and its dimensions are 11×14 cm. The chain is included. I used only copper material for this pendant.

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Wheat sheaf earrings

Do you remember the romantic sight of a wheat sheaf in the sunset? I love this imagine and feeling of beauty and tranquility.

I designed these earrings enjoying the memory of such a perfect day

Golden or silver plated wire crocheted and shaped in a wheat sheaf. Dimension: 3cm


Materials used: Gold Plated High purity solid wire / silver sterling wire,  findings


Arabesque tear earrings

Golden-arabesque-tears-earringsThis lesson shows how to develop a wrapped and woven earring.
I want to teach you the technique of wrapping the wire in a tear shape and in a spiral. You will learn how to weave with beads and without, inside the wire shape. This tutorial helps you creating your creative future designs.

This is a creative tutorial made after my original design. All rights included.

Braided wire bracelet

IS0463This lesson shows how to develop a braided wire band in order to make bracelet or headband. This tutorial helps you creating your creative future designs.

This tutorial teaches a technique, not a design.