Birth of Venus

I made a lace beading design for the May Etsy Bearweaver’s challange. The theme was “nautical” so i thought of sea and weaves and…Venus, the goddess. I made a masterpiece from a shell laced in different beads – sea colors – the shell from where the goddess is going to appear. The weaves of the sea are in a degrade range of blues. The foam around the shell is white and then deep in the sea the colors go from turquoise to light green to dark green and dark blue.
The lace is done around white beads of coral.
Materials used: coral beads, Toho seed beads.
more than 30 hours of work.

From jumper rings to jewelry

I bought o bag full of jumper rings. small round metal pieces. I put them on my working mat. It looked  like a plumber’s kit. I added my flat pliers. At that point, nothing was talking about jewelry. I organized the jumper rings on the mat designing a pattern. First thought: “Let’s weave them” Second one ” A repetitive design”. The third :”How?” I created a fan shape of multiple rows woven in a basic style. Increasing the number of the jumper rings at each row I shaped the fan. Here you are what I got. A gothic option for an accessory. But for more feminine accent? I chose embellishment. I wove some pearl drop along the edges and I was pleased to accomplished a totally new bracelet. Enjoy!

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