Crystal Heart

I beaded Swarovski crystals in a 3 dimensional heart shape. I braided the golden wires of the pendant and I decorated them with Swarovski crystals and golden Bohemia pearls  to create a nicer and elegant look of the jewellery. This pendant could be a love declaration present or simply a “welcome spring” smile. I hope you enjoy it.

Materials: Swarovski crystals and Bohemia pearls, artistic wire

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Ruby woven heart pendant

I worked this Ruby Heart for an wedding anniversary inspired by Eni Oken’s woven hearts. The edges of the heart are woven and inside the frame I woven golden plated wire with ruby crystals. The lace is red velvet(free) or chain golden plated (on demand – not included in price). Dimension 5 x 4cm.

4 hours work.

Materials used: golden plated wire, crystals