Wedding time with pearls and silver

I was asked few days ago to design some bride accessories for her wedding.

Few month ago she bought one of my bracelet creation and wanted more thinner ones to have a set.

I created earrings and a hair net woven with silver wire and pearls

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Oscar awards

Bello Modo shop proposed a challenge based on the Oscar Awards‘s dresses. Each designer can list a jewelry suitable for one of the dresses from the party. My option was Penelope Cruise’s dress. Grey and elegant. I created a dark red necklace, mother pearls flat cabochons encased in a chevron technique.

please feel free and vote it at

You have to leave a comment where to specify the number of the jewelry you like. Mine is number !

Thank you!

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Bride or princess?

Hello at the beginning of a new week. I sow yesterday some ice flowers on my window and I decided to dedicate this post to the frozen white beauty. Some days ago I bought some mother pearls and I was looking at the bunch of beads shinning as a static beauty kept into a bag. I had no idea what to do with them. I let them away for a while trying to focus on other things. Suddenly I sow the frozen design on the window and I felt I got the answer: I shall design some flowers with those mother pearl beads. White flowers, pure and beautiful, specially made to underline the an unique moment: a wedding time! In tat moment the frozen beauty became warm and light but still pure. Many flowers for a bride, a necklace full of flowers that continue the flowers from the hair and tiara and those from the bouquet. I added some Swarovski crystals to the design to increase the glamour, the preciousness and the brightness of the jewelry. I am very pleased every time a bride chooses to be covered by my flowers necklace in her special day…