August challenge

As usually each month comes with a new challenge in bead weaving.

This month theme is  “HOT, HOT, HOT”.


I worked on a elegant chocker for evening events and parties, for beautiful woman necks.


I beaded in lacing technique segments of flowers using seed beads and crystals.

Golden seed beads as the glowing summer sun and red crystals as the setting sun entering the sea.

I hope you like my necklace, and if you do you can vote it (no. 27) at


Chain mail flowers and clay

I tried out something new: right angle weave using byzantine chain mail technique.

I filled the squares with beautiful ocean color clay beads.

The lace s chain mail in a flower technique.

You can see and buy both the necklace and the tutorial Chain mail flowers tutorial

Eco-Ideas – Trees jewelry

Our love for nature is seen everywhere. The artistic point of view acknowledges this deep love and connection between creativity and nature.

I propose you a nice miniature view of the trees worked with wire and crystals. I shaped the wore wrapping it around to create a trunk and I decorate it with crystals and colors.

I made them pendant and i used a nice Kumihito style lace to enforce the attraction of the pendant. looking for your impressions….take care