Happy New Year!

A new year started! I  wish you a good and healthy 2012! Speaking about jewelry – a beautiful 2012!! We all are tired and full with food, looking not very happy to the next days when the holiday is gone. As the party time is still present I attach to this wishes card a very “liked” necklace suitable for the winter time as well. See you soon!


Tradition here and there

In the down of the first day of the year, the young peasants cross the villages wishing and singing for bearings and health.

they are dressed in the their traditional clothes and they carry a whip to hit the earth for good crops and a “bunch of flowers” called Sorcova. The flowers are paper made and are very colorful. They sing wishes songs and bless the audience with the flowers. It is a good fortune sign to have a Sorcova in house and to received the waits.

I wanted to make myself such a Sorcova and I used folding paper techniques to create it. As I am in love with Origami art from  my childhood I used it to create my flowers. I made them in this Japanesse way and I attached them on a wooden stick as they  are in Romania. Here you are my original mixed cultures Sorcova. I hope you like it.

Between Christmas and New Year Eve

This week seems to be by one hand – a holiday and by the other hand –  hard working week.

After we were waiting for Santa all the night we were lazy next day enjoying the presents and telling bout nigth miracles.

Admiring the Christmas tree, looking at the biking lights, we felt a deep warm and joy, a moment of “return” to childhood. That memory popped up the Christmas preparation when I was young.

I remembered the wreath embellished with paper flowers. That time I used Origami art to decorate the house, now I used silk an beads to create red flowers for Christmas time.So this week is busy with decoration work. For the entrance door i created a wreath and for the living a ball t hand from the ceiling,

Enjoy this hard working week of preparation.


First snowing

When the day is gone the town looks mysterious cloaked in mist and smog. Few hours ago it started snowing. Big heavy snowflakes were dancing in front of my window. I stood for a while looking at the falling dots and it came to me a nice idea: winter is very different from summer BUT the jewelry cow;d be worn as well in both occasion. Last summer I created a wire woven necklace inspired by the sea and weave and blue. Now, looking at the winter to come I realized what a beautiful jewelry would be for the New Year Eve.

The delicate spirals woven around a blue glass bead keep the freshness of the summer weaves but also the cold and beauty of the silver winter land.

What do you think?