Summer Sun Necklace

I beaded this collar being inspired by a beautiful sun rising. A shiny and bright summer sun.
I used red, orange, yellow beads as a reflection of the sun rays decorated with white to add more light.
I used Miyuki seed beads and Czech Firepolished crystals and a golden plated toggle.
length : 54cm
You can order in your favourite colours

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I created this design inspired by the Korean fan shape. The oval frame of the fan mixed with the “classical” fan style is filled by the wrapped wire and beads. Dimension 2,5x5cm. Order the color you like.

4 hours work.

Materials used: Gold Plated High purity solid wire / silver sterling wire,  findings, orange Miyuki seed beads.

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Topaz Rivoli beaded flower brooch

I constructed this design step by step, layer by layer in order to achieve a flower which I embellished and I created a tridimensional shape and aspect. I worked the entire brooch around a Topaz Rivoli crystal. 4cm diameter.

7 hours work

Materials used: Toho seed beads, Delica beads, Rivoli crystal

Greek lines necklace tutorial

Greek-lines-woven-necklaceThis lesson teaches how to create a woven necklace using beads, thread and a loom in order to get this design. It is required some experience in weaving on the loom as the weaving is not cover the entire row in all the rows.
This design is original so please give credit to the author when you sell or show it in public.
The finishing requires experience in hiding the threads. The mount of the weft and the taking off the work from the loom are not covered in this tutorial.


Brick stitch earring tutorial

ICS0028This lesson teaches how to use the brick stitch round to create a nice earring pair.
This is a beginner level lesson.

This lesson teaches a technique so you can use it in your work.


Tapestry inspiration

First tool I acquired when I started my jewelry carrier was a Mirrix loom.

A small vertical loom, the traditional design for weaving tapestries.

I wove first with threads and I learnt some basic techniques which I found very useful to develop in my further work with wire.






The second step in my loom discovery was weaving with beads.

I tried on my own designs plying with colors and shapes as in a mosaic work.


The third step I made was to weave with beads on the loom but

according a necklace pattern. this is most difficult because all the threads have to be woven into the work according to the pattern or be used for fringes in the lower part of the jewelry.

I chose an orange brown palette of colors and some items playing with the sun and the brightness of the nature. I used woolen threads for the thee tapestry, the movement of the children against a geometric background, the greek style inspiration of the necklace speaks about geometrical elegance. I hope you like them!

Greek lines woven necklace

Inspired by the Greek geometrical shapes I designed this necklace. It is  woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads.  The lower edge is finished with fringes. You can wear it directly on the skin or over the shirt. Order in your favorite colors.

20 hour works.

Material used: seed beads.

Tradition here and there

In the down of the first day of the year, the young peasants cross the villages wishing and singing for bearings and health.

they are dressed in the their traditional clothes and they carry a whip to hit the earth for good crops and a “bunch of flowers” called Sorcova. The flowers are paper made and are very colorful. They sing wishes songs and bless the audience with the flowers. It is a good fortune sign to have a Sorcova in house and to received the waits.

I wanted to make myself such a Sorcova and I used folding paper techniques to create it. As I am in love with Origami art from  my childhood I used it to create my flowers. I made them in this Japanesse way and I attached them on a wooden stick as they  are in Romania. Here you are my original mixed cultures Sorcova. I hope you like it.

Necklaces gallery

[cincopa AUHAJy6OvuCV]

Here you are my lsat years necklaces collection. There are many patterns and materials used, many colors and techniques. Each of them is unique – designed and worked by me.

Obviously each of them has a story, a creation input, a motivation and a goal. I love working on each design and building up every jewel. I put together my dearest ones intending to build up my last year necklaces collection.


Autumn embroidered bracelet

The autumn has just painted the park where i wondered last days. The leaves from the ground were bright pewter spreading light and warm. I designed this Bracelet and i worked it using the embroidery with beads technique. The Miyuki beads encage the acrylic cabochons. The support is synthetic brown leather. I used a button for the clasp.

8 hours work.

Materials used: synthetic leather, Miyuki seed beads, acrylic cabochon, metal button.