Blue victorian purity necklace

I am found of the Victorian age and I find an excellent challenge to design this “lacenecklace. I beaded a lace base and I embellished it with silk ribbon. The pendant is beaded encasing a shell coin, embellished with blue crystals, The pendant has two sides and can be worn both sides. One is more embellished with crystals, the other has an star beaded ornament. The necklace is a choker style, to be worn aground the neck. The ribbon lace make it adjustable.
8 working hours.
Materials used: shell coin, blue- silver plated crystals, Miyuki seed beads, silk ribbon.


Where to buy: Blue victorian purity necklace

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Fire Harphe Wrapped and Woven Copper Pendant

I designed this pendant using different techniques of working the wire: coiling, shaping, weaving, wrapping and decorating with metal elements.
I made it in a harp shape embellished with beads reminding of the music sounds at each movement of the body. The pendant is light and its dimensions are 11×14 cm. The chain is included. I used only copper material for this pendant.

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Gingo Tatted with beads pendant

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I was counting beads and knots all the previous day trying to create a tatting design. I took a break and i made this simple but “autumnish” and warm pendant. Using amber colour beads and silk golden thread i tatted the inside part of the leaf. I used green cotton thread for the edges and the lace.
Dimension: 3x6cm, Adjustable lace.

Cala lily amphora pendant wirework

I started this design around a Venice glass in a leaf shape. I started drawing spirals linked to its case. AS i was working i decorated each spiral in a different way and shape it in a sophisticated amphora. The wire weaving is done using simple coiling around one wire or around 2 linked wires creating a new design band. One of the bands are decorated with metal beads.
I let the wire down when i felt i finish the pendant. it has n amphora shape for the Cala lilt flowers from the focal.
I used silver plated wire and beads and a large Venice glass bead (2.5 x 5cm).
Dimension of the pendant: 19x 14 cm. Light.

The old modern lace

I am found of lace. The granny style of working the threads amaze me but I am not able to get the technique. But as I like the feeling and the look I try to use in my beaded work.

I give the lace aspect beading around a base and adding many layers and embellishment.

The fragile aspect of petals is underlined by the small beads kept in curved shapes.

Adding bicons in a flowers design give an extra gentle and feminine aspect.

The petals embellishment uses faceted crystal in aurora boreal shine.

The laces are woven in an alternative stitch: Russian spiral and herringbone.

I mixed the lace colors to keep a balance between the pendant and the upper part of the Jewelry. The beaded toggle is a nice finishing for the piece creating an entire beaded work.

Enjoy and get it Laced beaded flower necklace

Greek embroidered pendant


I woven on the Mirrix loom a Greek lines design  and i added fringed in each row increasing from left to middle and decreasing from middle to right column to give dimension to the pendant. There are fringes in the lower part and the lace is braided with beads. Red, golden and black Miyuki  seed beads. Pendant dimension 5x6cm, lace length 50-52 cm.

8 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads


Red coral bright and elegant

The holiday is gone, the special dresses will be  locked back in the closet and he casual suits are “welcome” again.

Any woman becomes easily bored by her “old”clothes and wants new ones. There are moments when getting new clothes every day could be a little difficult :D, but it is easier and more creative to decorate what you have them with jewelry.

I designed these smart casual earrings using the chain mail weave – organized and repetitive finished with red rice beads of coral. I created a diamond shape to bring a feminine touch to the jumper rings.

There are also pendant and bracelet options using this weave and beads decoration I am going to tell you about next time.

Take care and assort you well!