Friuli muse

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created this project inspired by a Mosaic school in Friuli – Italy. O visited it last year and I was impressed of the diversity of using stone and glass to create dimension and imagery. I made an abstract design, using terracotta colour seed beads. The background I filled with small seed beads creating an illusion made with sand, weaves of sand swirling around.
Name of stitch, stitches used – bead embroidery and couching beads and metal thread

Name of products used, size and material – Toho seed beads (mosaic background – 15/0; Main design and finishing 11/0)

overall size of piece – width 28cm, high 48cm

time to complete more than 6 hours/day for 56 days


Venice Carnival Necklace

Middle Age Spring_3

I created a free form needle work with beads,

Middle Age Spring_4

In a stumpwork embroidery style I decorated the beadwork work with coiled wire making accents and interesting points.
I tatted with dark red wool the edges to approach the crewel style of the embroidery.

The laces are tatted to making the necklace adjustable. It remembers me of carnival of Venice
Dimension: 15x 12 cmThis necklace uses several nuances of pink, dark red and purple, golden and topaz, but you can order your favourite.
This necklace took 12-14 working days.

Middle Age Spring

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Needle bead work, stumpMiddle Age Spring_2work and coil wire blended in a Medieval necklace. For SELLING!

Pink puzzle earrings

I design a puzzled pink set formed by a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. They look wonderful over the tanned skin in a summer day or over a white shirt. The earrings are woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads.The earrings dimensions are 5 x 1cm, Bracelet is 28 x 1cm and the necklace is long about 12 from the inner V to the outer V and the total length is 18cm.

25 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads, silver plated findings

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Blossom Embroidered bBrooch

Bloosom Embroidered BroochBloosom Embroidered Brooch_1

Here you are my first thread embroidery, sewed in classic embroidered way. It was on the border with Miyuki seed beads.
China blossom theme inspired me and I chose to welcome this spring with this elegant and feminine brooch.
I hope you enjoy it.

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Peacocksaur embroidered bracelet

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When I started this design I wanted to create a peacock tail one but working on it was more alike with a little dinosaur so I use both imagines to name the bracelet. This is an original design in a waved shape. Blue, green, purple, golden are the colors used for the embroidery.  The clasp is woven in peyote stitch, the button is wood.. Unique.

8 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads and Jablonec sapphire crystals, felt for the backside.

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Pink ribbon pearls ring

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I created a mixed design putting together silk and wire. Rosaline Swarovski pearls (50 pieces) are crocheted with bordoux silk ribbon and silver sterling wire. Diameter 4,5 cm.

(Order the colour you prefer)

2 hours work.

Materials used: silver sterling wire, Swarovski pearls, silk ribbon.

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Beaded Rivoli thistle flower

ICS0031This lesson shows how to realize a beaded flower ring using seed beads and a Rivoli crystal, how to embellish it and how to create layers of petals.

Some beading experience in herringbone, RAV and peyote stitches are welcome.


Eco-Ideas – Trees jewelry

Our love for nature is seen everywhere. The artistic point of view acknowledges this deep love and connection between creativity and nature.

I propose you a nice miniature view of the trees worked with wire and crystals. I shaped the wore wrapping it around to create a trunk and I decorate it with crystals and colors.

I made them pendant and i used a nice Kumihito style lace to enforce the attraction of the pendant. looking for your impressions….take care

Tapestry inspiration

First tool I acquired when I started my jewelry carrier was a Mirrix loom.

A small vertical loom, the traditional design for weaving tapestries.

I wove first with threads and I learnt some basic techniques which I found very useful to develop in my further work with wire.






The second step in my loom discovery was weaving with beads.

I tried on my own designs plying with colors and shapes as in a mosaic work.


The third step I made was to weave with beads on the loom but

according a necklace pattern. this is most difficult because all the threads have to be woven into the work according to the pattern or be used for fringes in the lower part of the jewelry.

I chose an orange brown palette of colors and some items playing with the sun and the brightness of the nature. I used woolen threads for the thee tapestry, the movement of the children against a geometric background, the greek style inspiration of the necklace speaks about geometrical elegance. I hope you like them!

Red dew drops brooch

I designed this brooch for a spring event. I wanted to bring the new life feeling. I shaped petals in a spiral movement. I used tear drops  woven with artistic wire. The fragile petals tremble in the joy of breeze. Dimension 6 cm

7 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki tear drops, silver sterling wire.