Venice Carnival Necklace

Middle Age Spring_3

I created a free form needle work with beads,

Middle Age Spring_4

In a stumpwork embroidery style I decorated the beadwork work with coiled wire making accents and interesting points.
I tatted with dark red wool the edges to approach the crewel style of the embroidery.

The laces are tatted to making the necklace adjustable. It remembers me of carnival of Venice
Dimension: 15x 12 cmThis necklace uses several nuances of pink, dark red and purple, golden and topaz, but you can order your favourite.
This necklace took 12-14 working days.

Middle Age Spring

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Needle bead work, stumpMiddle Age Spring_2work and coil wire blended in a Medieval necklace. For SELLING!

Peacocksaur embroidered bracelet

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When I started this design I wanted to create a peacock tail one but working on it was more alike with a little dinosaur so I use both imagines to name the bracelet. This is an original design in a waved shape. Blue, green, purple, golden are the colors used for the embroidery.  The clasp is woven in peyote stitch, the button is wood.. Unique.

8 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads and Jablonec sapphire crystals, felt for the backside.

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Purple silk filigree tatting earrings


I was fascinated when I first sow the tatting jewellery and


I order a beautiful book from the great teacher Nina Libin.


I studied and worked the technique so finally, after several blouses edges and brooches I accomplished a real filigree piece.


I equally love the simple thread tatting and the beaded tatting style, they taught me another way of weaving off the loom.



Thank you!



Embroidered bracelet tutorial

IS0392This lesson shows how to develop an embroidered cuff bracelet. I want to teach you how to sketch your design, how to follow the design you created and how to choose your colors.

The techniques I teach you help to bead around a cabochon, to sew following a sketch, to mount the embroidered fabric on bras and how to finish it.
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Spiral Design Jewelry

Beaded Rivoli thistle flower

ICS0031This lesson shows how to realize a beaded flower ring using seed beads and a Rivoli crystal, how to embellish it and how to create layers of petals.

Some beading experience in herringbone, RAV and peyote stitches are welcome.


Medusa necklace

Oscar Awards are gone but they inspired my designs. This one was created after the Penelope Cruise’s grey elegant dress.I designed an asymmetrical necklace with cabochons. I positioned the cabochons in my drawing  interlocking with beaded “pipes” full of pearls. The necklace catches the neck and values the cleavage underlining the simple elegance of the dress and catching the eyes.
The glamour of the necklace is given by the design and especially by the shinning and elegant mother pearls
I created a “Medusa” necklace beaded with Miyuki seed beads and mother pearl flat beads and pearls.
The Medusa body  is tentacled and the flat mother pearls are cabochon encased using the chevron style.
The “lace” is beaded with round mother pearls, in a chevron variation technique. The upper side of the laces are beaded also in a chevron style and grey organza is woven in.
21 hours work

Materials used: mother pearls round, flat cabochons, Miyuki seeds, organza

Red dew drops brooch

I designed this brooch for a spring event. I wanted to bring the new life feeling. I shaped petals in a spiral movement. I used tear drops  woven with artistic wire. The fragile petals tremble in the joy of breeze. Dimension 6 cm

7 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki tear drops, silver sterling wire.

Flowers purple net bracelet

I created this bracelet in a romance style bead weaving Purple Miyuki seed beads with AB reflection. Netted in flower net technique. Embellished with Czech glass flower (light pink, green and blue). Magnetic toggle. 5.5 x 17 cm.This product is unique but you can order in your favorite colors!

5 hours work.

Materials used: Czech glass flower, Miyuki seed beads, Magnetic toggle. 5.5 x 17 cm.

Vitrail beaded bracelet

The painted glass from churches window is a beautiful inspiration for radial designs. I used this Rosette pattern to create a bracelet suitable for special events, for elegant outfits. The base of the bracelet is done in a chevron beaded technique and the rosette is attached on it. the clasp is beaded using a glass flower.

7 hours work.

Materials used: glass flower, Miyuki seed beads. Antique non tarnished filigree.

Necklaces gallery

[cincopa AUHAJy6OvuCV]

Here you are my lsat years necklaces collection. There are many patterns and materials used, many colors and techniques. Each of them is unique – designed and worked by me.

Obviously each of them has a story, a creation input, a motivation and a goal. I love working on each design and building up every jewel. I put together my dearest ones intending to build up my last year necklaces collection.