Wedding collar

sketch1This autumn started with a challenge for me. I was asked to create a jewellery set for a bride using wire and the weaving technique.Colan1

Obviously, I was very happy to unleash my creativity.

I made a collar, a tiara and earring accordingly to the bride costume and wedding theme.sketch 2
First I spent 2-3 days drawing till I refined my sketches.

I came with this:

When I started weaving some changes appeared: I added some small beads to enrich to weaving and 2 wire colours to underline the cloth design and texture.

DSC_7652Step by step I developed my work from a bi dimension piece to a volume:

Tiara is a curved woven piece like a neck ruffle.



The collar is a simple, around the neck piece to underline the feminine traits and the bride beauty.choker3




I am very happy with the result, and i’d like to share my work to youcercei6.

The earrings are simple, woven alike to suit the set.




Brown nest bracelet

The chain mail is a very straight technique so adding decoration gives it warmth and femininity.

5 hours work.

Materials used:  brown glass pearls on silver  sterling jumper rings shaped as nests. There are earrings for a set.


Where to buy:

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Green Embroidered Mandala Hairpin


The shadows and the lights, the unknown and the mystery made me thinking of playing with only one element in my working: only with same color and kind of beads. The way i laid down or sewed together created the impression of dark and light, of truth and mystery. i designed these sashes (curved lines and rectangular) starting from a main circle. I added around many layers of circles in order to increase the design. On each side i added part of circles adjacent to the main circle.
The Hairpin is composed by the embroidery and the metal hairpin.
You can order the same design in different other colors!

Materials used: seed beads

Working time: 7 hours


Mandala embroidery

I was asked to embroider a special green sash for a traditional wedding and i was face to an interesting challenge: to use only one color of beads.Green Embroidered Mandala Sash

I decided to design a Mandala starting from a point, going on around with circles and details around the

circles. Only one color does not give you many choices so i developed the design using different stitches.

I created a lights and shadows design helped by the way of sewing the beads.

 Green Embroidered Mandala Hairpin

The shinning beads attracting the light were sown normally but the ones creating the shadows were sown facing the surface of the embroidery.

I was very pleased of my design and my achieved embroidery.

I made two different Sashes, a cuff bracelet and a hairpin using the same pattern.




They are available on sale in the shop.

Green Embroidered Mandala Bracelet

Wedding time with pearls and silver

I was asked few days ago to design some bride accessories for her wedding.

Few month ago she bought one of my bracelet creation and wanted more thinner ones to have a set.

I created earrings and a hair net woven with silver wire and pearls

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Rose hips grows in chain mail jewelry

I designed a simple causal bright set using chain mail and coral beads.

The bracelet is full of beads hanging from the outside of the weave.

I found very decorative to embellish it with beads.

I  like to use the simple weave of chain mail in a pyramidal shape.

This time I chose to use red  coral beads matches with red leather for the pendant.

The earrings are smaller but in the same design.

Enjoy looking or buying them.

Half persian necklace with woven snails

This necklace is a variation of one of my favorite creations with snails. I used few woven units and assembled them along a half persian chainmailled necklace. The snails are blue glass beads encased in a wire woven spiral. They are attached to the chain mail necklace. Dimension 44 cm

9 hours work

Materials used: silver plated wire, silver plated jumper rings, glass beads.

Blue woven snails tutorial

Blue-woven-snails-necklace-thThis lesson shows how to develop an unit, a component in order to create any of the necklace, bracelet or earrings.

I want to teach you the technique of wrapping the wire in a snail shape, around a bead. You need to weave many of these units and then to assemble them in original jewelry. I show you how I create necklace, bracelet, earrings and pendant designs.
The tutorial is developed on 12 pages. I mail you the pdf format immediately i receive your order.

This tutorial teaches my own design, not a technique.


Bride or princess?

Hello at the beginning of a new week. I sow yesterday some ice flowers on my window and I decided to dedicate this post to the frozen white beauty. Some days ago I bought some mother pearls and I was looking at the bunch of beads shinning as a static beauty kept into a bag. I had no idea what to do with them. I let them away for a while trying to focus on other things. Suddenly I sow the frozen design on the window and I felt I got the answer: I shall design some flowers with those mother pearl beads. White flowers, pure and beautiful, specially made to underline the an unique moment: a wedding time! In tat moment the frozen beauty became warm and light but still pure. Many flowers for a bride, a necklace full of flowers that continue the flowers from the hair and tiara and those from the bouquet. I added some Swarovski crystals to the design to increase the glamour, the preciousness and the brightness of the jewelry. I am very pleased every time a bride chooses to be covered by my flowers necklace in her special day…

Blue woven snails earrings

I created this design inspired by the conch shape hidden in the sea side sand. I used full silver wire wrapped and woven around blue glass drops (1.5cm). Dimension 3.5×2.5cm. There are necklace, bracelet and earrings for the set.

3 hours work.

Materials used: glass cabochon, silver steeling wire.