Red peacock tail earrings

IS0380I designed a peacock tail shape to create an intricate pair of earring. I used wire to weave in the shape and I decorated the woven “tail”with silver sterling beads and red tubular Toho seeds centered around a big red Murano bead as a masterpiece . Dimension 6x3cm.

6 hours work.

Materials used: silver sterling wire, beads and findings, Toho seed beads, Murano beads


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Pink ribbon pearls ring

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I created a mixed design putting together silk and wire. Rosaline Swarovski pearls (50 pieces) are crocheted with bordoux silk ribbon and silver sterling wire. Diameter 4,5 cm.

(Order the colour you prefer)

2 hours work.

Materials used: silver sterling wire, Swarovski pearls, silk ribbon.

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Bride wire woven ring








White or butter cream mother pearl cabochon locked in woven silver sterling wire.

Very elegant and precious.

The adjustable ring is woven with silver plated wire. 4 x 2.5xm

3 hours work.

Materials used: mother pearl cabochon, silver sterling wire.

Half persian necklace with woven snails

This necklace is a variation of one of my favorite creations with snails. I used few woven units and assembled them along a half persian chainmailled necklace. The snails are blue glass beads encased in a wire woven spiral. They are attached to the chain mail necklace. Dimension 44 cm

9 hours work

Materials used: silver plated wire, silver plated jumper rings, glass beads.

Chainmail fan style Earrings

ICS0022_1 ICS0022

This lesson shows how to develop chain mail earrings pair in a fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

This tutorial allows you to use it in your finished jewelry for personal and selling use, but not to mass produce, lend or sell the tutorial itself.

Awaiting Valentine’s day

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The red and white day is approaching. The day when most of people remember they love. I say we love everyday and remembering this makes us breathing, feeling, living. But Valentine’s day is a coutume so let’s keep it like this – a pretext to give and receive presents. I present you some of my jewelry work for this celebration mixing the specific colors with the valuable materials as Swarovski crystals, silver wire, Rivoli.

Nest idea from nature inspiration

Etsy bead weavers team launched January theme last month: the nest! I was thinking all the winter holiday at this creative input looking for a nice design. I don’t know about you but for me the things are clear: when I need to work on wire all my idea comes from beading and vice versa.

This time is the same: the nests theme is very often found in many design of wire jewelry. Obviously the same way can be transferred in the beading technique but I don’t find it so nice. I tried to look deep to understand the meaning and the symbol. As much as I tried to get the base harder and farther I was.

Simply the nest is a nest! A bunch of springs built by first, or a sand couch made by reptiles or birds.

I have some idea and I made some drawings. I let you know more as I have something to show you. Any suggestion is very welcome!

Red dew drops brooch

I designed this brooch for a spring event. I wanted to bring the new life feeling. I shaped petals in a spiral movement. I used tear drops  woven with artistic wire. The fragile petals tremble in the joy of breeze. Dimension 6 cm

7 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki tear drops, silver sterling wire.

Wire woven rose ring

This ring is woven with full silver wire and shaped in a rose flower. This design is learnt form Borneo Queen. The ring is adjustable.

4 hours work.

Materials used: silver wire.

Blue woven snails earrings

I created this design inspired by the conch shape hidden in the sea side sand. I used full silver wire wrapped and woven around blue glass drops (1.5cm). Dimension 3.5×2.5cm. There are necklace, bracelet and earrings for the set.

3 hours work.

Materials used: glass cabochon, silver steeling wire.