Summer Sun Necklace

I beaded this collar being inspired by a beautiful sun rising. A shiny and bright summer sun.
I used red, orange, yellow beads as a reflection of the sun rays decorated with white to add more light.
I used Miyuki seed beads and Czech Firepolished crystals and a golden plated toggle.
length : 54cm
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Red peacock tail earrings

IS0380I designed a peacock tail shape to create an intricate pair of earring. I used wire to weave in the shape and I decorated the woven “tail”with silver sterling beads and red tubular Toho seeds centered around a big red Murano bead as a masterpiece . Dimension 6x3cm.

6 hours work.

Materials used: silver sterling wire, beads and findings, Toho seed beads, Murano beads


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Up & Down tapestry


I designed this Up and Down tapestry inspired by the happiness and joy of small children playing in the yard. The tapestry is woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads. You can choose to be framed or hanging. Dimension 20 x 16cm.

45 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads.

3 tatted layers necklace


I designed a 3 layers tatted necklace.

First layer, the dark blue is tatted using only fiber, the second one is connected by AB indigo seed beads. I used a turquoise fiber.

The last one is filigree tatted using a light blue and seed beads.

The laces are tatted and the necklace is adjustable. Very light and elegant.

August challenge

As usually each month comes with a new challenge in bead weaving.

This month theme is  “HOT, HOT, HOT”.


I worked on a elegant chocker for evening events and parties, for beautiful woman necks.


I beaded in lacing technique segments of flowers using seed beads and crystals.

Golden seed beads as the glowing summer sun and red crystals as the setting sun entering the sea.

I hope you like my necklace, and if you do you can vote it (no. 27) at


Beaded Rivoli thistle flower

ICS0031This lesson shows how to realize a beaded flower ring using seed beads and a Rivoli crystal, how to embellish it and how to create layers of petals.

Some beading experience in herringbone, RAV and peyote stitches are welcome.


The old modern lace

I am found of lace. The granny style of working the threads amaze me but I am not able to get the technique. But as I like the feeling and the look I try to use in my beaded work.

I give the lace aspect beading around a base and adding many layers and embellishment.

The fragile aspect of petals is underlined by the small beads kept in curved shapes.

Adding bicons in a flowers design give an extra gentle and feminine aspect.

The petals embellishment uses faceted crystal in aurora boreal shine.

The laces are woven in an alternative stitch: Russian spiral and herringbone.

I mixed the lace colors to keep a balance between the pendant and the upper part of the Jewelry. The beaded toggle is a nice finishing for the piece creating an entire beaded work.

Enjoy and get it Laced beaded flower necklace

Basic chevron weaving

ICS0013This lesson shows how to weave in the chevron technique. I will teach you how to use this technique to encase a cabochon.


Nests in the tree of life

I made this necklace for the first challenge from 2012 on Etsy Beadweavers’s. The February theme is “Nest” so i created a ” Tree of life” by encased angelite beads and strips of seed beads woven in herringbone technique. I assembled the strips as branches and inserted some small angelite beads as knots in the trunk. In between the branches I “plated” the nests. 9 angelite beads encased in seed beads. The laces and the toggle are made in the same manner. The toggle has a decoration as a small nest “hanging” in the back. The necklace cover the chest and is nice to be worn directly against the skin or over a uni color pullover or shirt.
Please visit our team blog, between the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.

How to make finding divider by yourself

Several times working with beads i needed some suitable spacers for my designs. Obviously the specific ones were just finished or my findings box had both too large and too small issues.

I decided to take my “spacer” problem in my hands and I made them myself. I string 6 small metal beads on a 28g a wire and using the right angle weave I made a 6 beads circle. adding 3 beads on the left side and 2 beads on the right side I made a second circle in the same technique.

My first bracelet had 3 rows and i stopped after the third circle but the second bracelet had 5 rows so i went on weaving my spacer till i got 5 inked circles.

The metal bead used are 2mm in diameter but it is up to the design how big the beads are.

I like to keep my independence concerning the findings, not to run after any little thing when an order is posted, so I find this “making yourself” way very useful.