IS0342I created this Embrace tapestry for Unica review for the Valentine’s number. I designed flowers in Charles Rennie Mackintosh style. The tapestry is woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads. You can choose to be framed or hanging. Dimension 22 x 32cm

50 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads.

Up & Down tapestry


I designed this Up and Down tapestry inspired by the happiness and joy of small children playing in the yard. The tapestry is woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads. You can choose to be framed or hanging. Dimension 20 x 16cm.

45 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads.

Libra tapestry

I designed this Libra tapestry inspired by the zodiac but if you turn it upside down there is a girl face smiling at you . The tapestry is woven on a Mirrix loom using Miyuki seed beads. You can choose it framed or as a hanging. Dimension 20 x 16cm

45 hours work.

Materials used: Miyuki seed beads.

From traditional to modern weaving

I am fond of textile and I like digging  deep in the past to understand where from the technique and design came.

One of the most ancient ways of working the threads is weaving it using different kind of looms.

There are carpets and fabrics woven in thin or thick threads used for domestic necessity or decoration reason.

Nowadays, in the country side the old ladies still work their rugs and carpets, even their weddings veils using the loom.

Still the jewelry domain embraced this “tool” and used it to create astonishing designs for jewelry.

I am proud to be the owner of a medium size Mirrix loom.

It is a vertical loom enveloped after the tapestry looms. I work on it my jewelry, especially my necklaces and purses and I enjoy very much both techniques with or without beads.

Here you are some of my tapestries woven using woolen threads and seed beads, following my original designs.

The patterns are available in my shop at Tutorials and patterns

Libra tapestry tutorial

Libra-tapestryHere you are a chart to realize your own Libra tapestry following my original design.

You are taught how many threads to put on the loom, the number of the colors used.

The weaving start with the last row of the tapestry.

When you finish weaving it you weave all the threads into the work and you can frame it or sew against a felt or fabric following your imagination.

You are free to use it for selling finished tapestry giving credit to the artist, mention the author name in your description.


Tapestry inspiration

First tool I acquired when I started my jewelry carrier was a Mirrix loom.

A small vertical loom, the traditional design for weaving tapestries.

I wove first with threads and I learnt some basic techniques which I found very useful to develop in my further work with wire.






The second step in my loom discovery was weaving with beads.

I tried on my own designs plying with colors and shapes as in a mosaic work.


The third step I made was to weave with beads on the loom but

according a necklace pattern. this is most difficult because all the threads have to be woven into the work according to the pattern or be used for fringes in the lower part of the jewelry.

I chose an orange brown palette of colors and some items playing with the sun and the brightness of the nature. I used woolen threads for the thee tapestry, the movement of the children against a geometric background, the greek style inspiration of the necklace speaks about geometrical elegance. I hope you like them!