Embroidered bracelet tutorial

IS0392This lesson shows how to develop an embroidered cuff bracelet. I want to teach you how to sketch your design, how to follow the design you created and how to choose your colors.

The techniques I teach you help to bead around a cabochon, to sew following a sketch, to mount the embroidered fabric on bras and how to finish it.
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Beaded Rivoli thistle flower

ICS0031This lesson shows how to realize a beaded flower ring using seed beads and a Rivoli crystal, how to embellish it and how to create layers of petals.

Some beading experience in herringbone, RAV and peyote stitches are welcome.


From traditional to modern weaving

I am fond of textile and I like digging  deep in the past to understand where from the technique and design came.

One of the most ancient ways of working the threads is weaving it using different kind of looms.

There are carpets and fabrics woven in thin or thick threads used for domestic necessity or decoration reason.

Nowadays, in the country side the old ladies still work their rugs and carpets, even their weddings veils using the loom.

Still the jewelry domain embraced this “tool” and used it to create astonishing designs for jewelry.

I am proud to be the owner of a medium size Mirrix loom.

It is a vertical loom enveloped after the tapestry looms. I work on it my jewelry, especially my necklaces and purses and I enjoy very much both techniques with or without beads.

Here you are some of my tapestries woven using woolen threads and seed beads, following my original designs.

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Greek lines necklace tutorial

Greek-lines-woven-necklaceThis lesson teaches how to create a woven necklace using beads, thread and a loom in order to get this design. It is required some experience in weaving on the loom as the weaving is not cover the entire row in all the rows.
This design is original so please give credit to the author when you sell or show it in public.
The finishing requires experience in hiding the threads. The mount of the weft and the taking off the work from the loom are not covered in this tutorial.


Brick stitch earring tutorial

ICS0028This lesson teaches how to use the brick stitch round to create a nice earring pair.
This is a beginner level lesson.

This lesson teaches a technique so you can use it in your work.


Chainmail fan style Earrings

ICS0022_1 ICS0022

This lesson shows how to develop chain mail earrings pair in a fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

This tutorial allows you to use it in your finished jewelry for personal and selling use, but not to mass produce, lend or sell the tutorial itself.

Chainmail fan style bracelet

ICS0025This lesson shows how to develop chain mail bracelet in a zigzag fan shape.

I show you how to embellish the finished work in order to add an extra color.
Let’s start!

this lesson is a technique lesson so you can use it in your projects, but you are not allowed to mass produce the lesson.

Basic chevron weaving

ICS0013This lesson shows how to weave in the chevron technique. I will teach you how to use this technique to encase a cabochon.


Arabesque tear earrings

Golden-arabesque-tears-earringsThis lesson shows how to develop a wrapped and woven earring.
I want to teach you the technique of wrapping the wire in a tear shape and in a spiral. You will learn how to weave with beads and without, inside the wire shape. This tutorial helps you creating your creative future designs.

This is a creative tutorial made after my original design. All rights included.

Bride wire bracelet tutorial

Bride-wire-crocheted-braceletThis tutorial teaches how to create a frame for this bracelet, how to weave with wire and beads, how to create the corsage clasp.

This tutorial teaches a technique, not a design.