Brick stitch earring tutorial

ICS0028This lesson teaches how to use the brick stitch round to create a nice earring pair.
This is a beginner level lesson.

This lesson teaches a technique so you can use it in your work.


Bride wire bracelet tutorial

Bride-wire-crocheted-braceletThis tutorial teaches how to create a frame for this bracelet, how to weave with wire and beads, how to create the corsage clasp.

This tutorial teaches a technique, not a design.


Wire woven rose ring

This ring is woven with full silver wire and shaped in a rose flower. This design is learnt form Borneo Queen. The ring is adjustable.

4 hours work.

Materials used: silver wire.

Bride or princess?

Hello at the beginning of a new week. I sow yesterday some ice flowers on my window and I decided to dedicate this post to the frozen white beauty. Some days ago I bought some mother pearls and I was looking at the bunch of beads shinning as a static beauty kept into a bag. I had no idea what to do with them. I let them away for a while trying to focus on other things. Suddenly I sow the frozen design on the window and I felt I got the answer: I shall design some flowers with those mother pearl beads. White flowers, pure and beautiful, specially made to underline the an unique moment: a wedding time! In tat moment the frozen beauty became warm and light but still pure. Many flowers for a bride, a necklace full of flowers that continue the flowers from the hair and tiara and those from the bouquet. I added some Swarovski crystals to the design to increase the glamour, the preciousness and the brightness of the jewelry. I am very pleased every time a bride chooses to be covered by my flowers necklace in her special day…

Looking back for winter touches

I don’t know about you but I discovered myself a “winter melancholic”!

I don’t enjoy the cold or the mess of the melted snow but I do like the magic of the winter.

I like imagining  fairies and elfins dancing in the bright light of the snow and I am inspired by them to design new Jewelry.

I offer you my last embroidered necklace suitable for a princess at the winter ball. Enjoy!

Green embroidered ammonite earrings

I designed these earrings for a baroque set. The motif of a spiral or ammonite was the requirement. The embroidery is done using seed beads, the outline decoration is baroque style. Dimension 5 x 3 cm.

3 hours work.

Material used: seed beads, felt, copper lever back

Vitrail beaded bracelet

The painted glass from churches window is a beautiful inspiration for radial designs. I used this Rosette pattern to create a bracelet suitable for special events, for elegant outfits. The base of the bracelet is done in a chevron beaded technique and the rosette is attached on it. the clasp is beaded using a glass flower.

7 hours work.

Materials used: glass flower, Miyuki seed beads. Antique non tarnished filigree.

Happy New Year!

A new year started! I  wish you a good and healthy 2012! Speaking about jewelry – a beautiful 2012!! We all are tired and full with food, looking not very happy to the next days when the holiday is gone. As the party time is still present I attach to this wishes card a very “liked” necklace suitable for the winter time as well. See you soon!

Necklaces gallery

[cincopa AUHAJy6OvuCV]

Here you are my lsat years necklaces collection. There are many patterns and materials used, many colors and techniques. Each of them is unique – designed and worked by me.

Obviously each of them has a story, a creation input, a motivation and a goal. I love working on each design and building up every jewel. I put together my dearest ones intending to build up my last year necklaces collection.


Celestial dance bracelet

I designed this pattern dreaming in the sea waves music. I beaded the “dance” of lovers in peyote stitch technique. 17 cm The clasp is done using 2 china flower beads as buttons.

8 hours work.

Materials used: grey, translucent, blue Miyuki Delica seed beads, glass flower beads.