Bride wire woven ring








White or butter cream mother pearl cabochon locked in woven silver sterling wire.

Very elegant and precious.

The adjustable ring is woven with silver plated wire. 4 x 2.5xm

3 hours work.

Materials used: mother pearl cabochon, silver sterling wire.

Blue wheels of beauty


I designed this set jewelry inspired by the bell tower clock mechanism. There are many wheels linked together to conduct the movement. I used Czech crystals and Miyuki seed beads, crystal and sapphire colors, beaded. The lace is herringbones beaded. There are necklace,  bracelet and earrings for the set.

20 hours work

Materials used: Czech crystals and Miyuki seed beads, silver plated clasp.


The white winter weight

The snow is falling light and beautiful but the snow hills created look like heavy pointed bastions. I like to see the contrast between colours and elements. The heavy blanket of snow looks like a dense embroidery but the light snowflakes give us the feeling of fairy tale Jewelry. I remember the stories heart in my childhood about the winter queen and little white princesses and I ” see” their diadem woven with golden and silver water drops frozen in such unreal design. I imagine how the snowflakes dance and twist together weaving themselves in beautiful jewelries.

Blue woven snails earrings

I created this design inspired by the conch shape hidden in the sea side sand. I used full silver wire wrapped and woven around blue glass drops (1.5cm). Dimension 3.5×2.5cm. There are necklace, bracelet and earrings for the set.

3 hours work.

Materials used: glass cabochon, silver steeling wire.

Looking back for winter touches

I don’t know about you but I discovered myself a “winter melancholic”!

I don’t enjoy the cold or the mess of the melted snow but I do like the magic of the winter.

I like imagining  fairies and elfins dancing in the bright light of the snow and I am inspired by them to design new Jewelry.

I offer you my last embroidered necklace suitable for a princess at the winter ball. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

A new year started! I  wish you a good and healthy 2012! Speaking about jewelry – a beautiful 2012!! We all are tired and full with food, looking not very happy to the next days when the holiday is gone. As the party time is still present I attach to this wishes card a very “liked” necklace suitable for the winter time as well. See you soon!

Necklaces gallery

[cincopa AUHAJy6OvuCV]

Here you are my lsat years necklaces collection. There are many patterns and materials used, many colors and techniques. Each of them is unique – designed and worked by me.

Obviously each of them has a story, a creation input, a motivation and a goal. I love working on each design and building up every jewel. I put together my dearest ones intending to build up my last year necklaces collection.


Blue winter beaded earrings

Hello and Marry Christmas for all of you!

I hope you spent a nice Christmas time and you found many presents under the Christmas tree.

This year our tree is tall and thin, so we called it the “little ballerina” as those who are dancing on a music box. Usually our Christmas tree were rich in lower branches and looked old and impressive. This one looks young and “fresh” and dynamic. It brings a new feeling, something new, although this is an old tradition this time it happened something different, like  a “young generation” is leading the holiday .

I am admiring it shinning from its little lights clock and it really seems a new beginning, an announcement for the New Year Eve.

Inspired by its brightness I beaded a delicate earrings pair, a winter jewelry for the New Year Eve celebration.

Have a good time!

Collection 2011

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Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post from my jewelry Shop Blog so I need to introduce myself an my work.I worked for 17 years in cinema and advertising, few years ago I resume my youth love: art design. I quit that busy life to a personal artistic one. I started learning different technique I liked and  found suitable with my feeling and skills. on my painter background I added first the embroidery which I called ” the painting with beads art”. This technique is avery intricate and difficult one so I need some time to exercise many ways of working, different materials and designs.

The best of all is the freedom of the imagination; I can use my creativity and develop any design I have in mind.

Learning on I started to bead pattern used from very long time in many traditional cultures. I learned about HOW and  WHERE understanding the specific condition of the evolution of these techniques.

From beads and seed beads, from loom tapestries and moved on the chain mail weaving. This rigorous techniques makes you more attentive and careful to the repetitive patterns, makes you understand how to change a war armor into a beautiful jewelry.

Wire working was the latest technique I loved and  learnt. It is a very impressive way to manipulate the wire creating intricate pieces of jewelry. It is amazing how many ways  are to work the wire: to coil, to shaw to wrap, to link, to weave it. From a spoon of wire you can get beautiful designs. Everything could be embellished with crystals, pearls, beads.

I intend to tell you the story of the jewelry I created. Everything form my shop has a birth moment when the idea came, and the design started to be alive. There are different sources of inspiration: words, feelings, landscapes or the materials themselves: the impression of a shell, or the color of a bead.

These were few words about me and my work. Till next time have a Merry Christmas and take care!


See you soon back here