Purple silk filigree tatting earrings


I was fascinated when I first sow the tatting jewellery and


I order a beautiful book from the great teacher Nina Libin.


I studied and worked the technique so finally, after several blouses edges and brooches I accomplished a real filigree piece.


I equally love the simple thread tatting and the beaded tatting style, they taught me another way of weaving off the loom.



Thank you!



August challenge

As usually each month comes with a new challenge in bead weaving.

This month theme is  “HOT, HOT, HOT”.


I worked on a elegant chocker for evening events and parties, for beautiful woman necks.


I beaded in lacing technique segments of flowers using seed beads and crystals.

Golden seed beads as the glowing summer sun and red crystals as the setting sun entering the sea.

I hope you like my necklace, and if you do you can vote it (no. 27) at



Birth of Venus

Vote my Birth of Venus necklace for the May challenge.


Go to the link and vote nr 33.

Thank you!!



I made a lace beading design for the May Etsy Bearweaver’s challange. The theme was “nautical” so i thought of sea and weaves and…Venus, the goddess. I made a masterpiece from a shell laced in different beads – sea colors – the shell from where the goddess is going to appear. The weaves of the sea are in a degrade range of blues. The foam around the shell is white and then deep in the sea the colors go from turquoise to light green to dark green and dark blue.
The lace is done around white beads of coral.

Organza, a choice for a fairy

Yesterday I received an order for some pairs of earrings. The client wanted organza “flowers” made after one of my designs. She ordered several colors for all women in her family. I was happy to find out that she wanted to make these presents for her mother, her mother-in-law, her sister and herself. So many ages and all of them want to wear the same kind of jewelry. I was very pleased to find out that my designs suit to different ages and types of women. So I thought an interesting topic to talk about organza in the same “umbrella” chapter: “Materials – what, where, which, who”. I invite you to comment from your experience or from your friends’ experience how organza is being worn “day by day”. I choose a simple photo for this starter, a hairband made for a young bridesmaid. After the wedding ceremony she wore on the hairband becoming the attraction of many kindergarten parties.