The copper story

This year I choose copper. Wires , hard threads able to manipulate in shapes and volumes.

It started with some ply. 6 for example. I started way. Weaving one by one the ply. After some cm I started to shape the weaving as I wished. Once I got the desired shaper i separated the strings: 3 and 3. I used a 2 by 2 weaving to wrap the first bunch. then I swirled it following the flow of the design. The second bunch was divided in 2 strings wrapped together and a single one woven alone as an resort. The free form shaping allow the design to evolve itself into a unique jewellery and to embrace the stone it hugs.
howlite gem, copper wire, wrappings, pendant

Wedding time with pearls and silver

I was asked few days ago to design some bride accessories for her wedding.

Few month ago she bought one of my bracelet creation and wanted more thinner ones to have a set.

I created earrings and a hair net woven with silver wire and pearls

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